"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

27 July 2009

Too much fun around these parts...

Aren't Sundays suppose to be spent recovering from the week? Well, not here! Glenn and the kids had to "race" to the game store to buy the new Wii Sports Resort game and come home to try out every game that is on there. Loud is not the word I would have used to describe all the laughing, cheering and just plain fun that was going on. Every one was tired at the end of the day after all the cycling, canoeing, kayaking, table tennis, dog frisbee, etc. around here. Hilarious!! It's harder than one would think! I didn't get alot of crocheting done to say the least. I think I've got tennis elbow too! Who would have thought.

We did manage to make it out to the garden today and saw some very wonderful things.

The first GORGEOUS little sunflower!
Look at all the future zucchini!
And all the BEEEAUUTIFULLL cucumbers!
Let's not forget the lovely okra! I was peeing my pants seeing all the little bitty okras growing.
Glenn (and Em) have some more banana peppers for sandwiches.
This little beauty is finally starting to show the slightest bit of pink coming to it.
Pure Bliss!
Then last but not least, this is what I accomplished so far with the grannies for the new blankie. I tried to take a pic of it laying straight out on the grass but very poor quality. The colors didn't show up very good because I had to stand away from it too much. So I had to resort to this. I determined yesterday that the blankie will be 21 squares by 21 squares. Yes, that will be a total of 441 squares, with out the border that will be put on! I've got my work cut out for myself. Oh well, there could be worse things to be doing! hehehehe!
It's another warm day here, low 90's. At least that is lower than what was predicted a few days ago. Now, only if the numbers would keep going down just a wee bit more. I'm crossing my fingers that Glenn won't have to work his day off Thursday and maybe we can go into the hills for some exploring. I need my fix. I'm starting to get twitches from the withdrawals!

I must be off for now. I've got a lovely tasting ham sandwich waiting for me to bite into it. Can't keep it waiting! Then it is back to more cycling, canoeing, etc.

Find something to smile about! I'm sure there is something just waiting out there for you to find! Go ahead and look! :)

Toodles Noodles!


  1. I'm glad you're having so much "peeing your pants" kinds of fun. Things here are pretty boring right now. Can't wait to see that blanket finished but just the sheer number of squares you are going to have to make sends my eyeballs spinnin' -- lol

  2. 441 squares... Will you be able to make them on your own?!
    I don't know if I've said it before, but I love your garden. :-)

  3. Yes. :) I made two blankets before (one for each of the girls) and they had more squares. I may even end up adding more squares to it as time goes on. Just depends how it fits on my bed. You just have to take it one day at a time. My only problem right now is finding a good spot to have all my yarn laying out in front of me. The desk in the craft room is no good because I have to keep clearing it for school work. Sitting on the couches is no good because no one else would be able to sit on them. So right now I have them all placed on the floor out of the way but where I can still "catch the action" of what is going on in the family room. I keep hinting at getting a nice square "coffee" table for the family room. That way I could leave it lay there and no one would be bothered. So far I'm not getting an feed back with that suggestion. I'll keep pushing though. :)

  4. Your garden is looking great. Wow, 441 squares!!! I can't wait to see it done.

  5. 441 squares!! You must not have A.D.D. like I do..I could never finish that many squares. Please keep posting pictures of the blanket..it is going to be gorgeous!!!

  6. I want some garden fresh okra!!!!!!! Have you ever just bit into it? It is really rather good raw! I know it probably sounds crazy, but I liked it!!

    Last year mine got soggy 'cause it was in a container that didn't have enough drainage, but we still got some off of it!

    Love your grannies, gal! I'm getting into major project mode again!
    I'll be blogging about my family reunion in a couple of days. Just enjoying visiting now!!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  7. i really envy you that beautiful garden. nothing better than a fresh warm homegrown tomato! and the sunflower, that will make the birds very happy in a month or two! your girls must be loving it. have fun on your adventures.