"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

28 June 2009

A very pleasant weekend

This weekend has found us taking things easy and not moving too terribly fast.  Even though we didn't go exploring any new  places, it was enjoyable.  

Friday we bought a little trailer that hooks onto my bike so that Brenna can sit and take it easy when we go on long bike rides.  You would know that the first bike ride with it had to be taken where there are small hills.  And I only have a one speed bike.  It was kicking my butt at first, but I kept pushing myself to continue on and I did good!  I was tired at the end of the day but it was fun.  Can't wait to hit the green belt, during the week.  Now we have to make some calls to see if some of the other trails in other towns are one speed bike friendly.  And then we are off on some more adventures!  Yippee!

Saturday started slow but everyone was moving early enough so that we made it done to the Saturday Market before it got warm out.  The girls were on a mission:  looking for cherries from the orchards in Emmett.  We couldn't have asked for a better morning.  Wonderful little breeze, only 67 out, and beautiful sunshine.  

We were laughing at Brenna because she was doing a skippy little run from one side of the sidewalk to the other.  I was cringing because she is our little "accident" waiting to happen.  And it usually happens when she is running and there is nothing to protect her knees.  Everything turned out good and we made it to the market in one piece.  We skipped the yarn shop because we didn't want to torture Glenn with our usual ritual of going in, browsing,  and getting a good dose of a color fix.  We forgot to take pics like we intended too.  We got caught up with all the wonderful little things that were being sold there.  I've got my eye on a bench glider that I will be saving back for.  If I get that, this family will suffer.  You would find me sitting on that glider all day crocheting and enjoying the outside.  Good thing Glenn is a good cook!  LOL!!!  There were the prettiest little roses there in the small park where the market is held.  I love the pink color they have.  I should find some to put in my yard.  :)

On the way home we had to stop at the park.  There is no way we can walk by it and not get a bit of swinging in.  Especially when Dad is around.  He always make it fun with dodging in and out of the girls as the swing by.  They giggle so hard that they get the hiccups.

Then, after getting their fix, we headed back down the sidewalks towards home so that we could enjoy our wonderful little treat that was found at the market.  YUMMY!!

Good thing we looked around first before buying because the prices at the market varied greatly.  On stand was selling Bings at $5 a pound.  We found one where they were $1.75!  And the Rainiers were $2!   It was no wonder why this stand was selling out quick and the others still had a boat load sitting around.  Greedy little buggers.  I've never had the Rainiers before.  They are my new FAV!  Look how pretty they are too!  Love the color!

After our little trip we headed to the store for the usual stuff; bread, milk, etc.  But this trip included a little something extra this time.  I must tell you that I was not sold on getting this item at first being the tight wad I am.  But some how a Wii game system found it's way into the cart, through the check out and in the back of the truck headed for our house.  But after getting home, setting the thing up and watching the gang trying it out for a bit, I had to join in.  We played the darn thing from 5pm till midnight!  I didn't think you would move very much playing these games but let's just say that I have bowlers butt and I never stepped into the bowling alley yesterday!  Yes, laugh.  Go ahead.  We had a blast playing the games and having the stereo playing and having a friend over to join the fun.  It was a blast!

So today I'm taking it easy.  A little crochet, a couple of bowling games and kicking back.  Don't want to aggravate the bowlers butt you know.  One does not want to get a cramp in that spot you know.  That would be rough!

So on that note, I hope that everyone had a great weekend and you found something to smile about.  We surely did!  And I think the fun will start up again after dinner here in a bit.  WooHoo!!!



  1. hi,
    Seems that you have a lovely family and great fun....
    Nice blog!
    regards Laura

  2. OMG, Kar!! You crack me up!! Bowler's butt??!! From a WII??!! OK guess I must confess...we, too, have a WII and I have suffered from tennis elbow, and batter's battered shoulder syndrome!! ACK!! Are we just a couple of crazy gals or what??!! I guess we just take our WII-ing seriously Huh? LOL!!!!!!!!

    I so love going on all of your daytrips!! You do have a flair for writing about them!

    Those cherries look delish, and I'm glad Glenn didn't have to endure the yarn shop. Things like that can test even the best marriages! LOL!!! Like Randy in Michael's with me! HA!!

    Have a great week, and thanks for the smiles!!

  3. Sounds like a very lovely day, especially the cherries part! I love cherries and we always go pick them every year. Your blog is really beautiful and the photo in your banner is incredible....wish I was there, it looks so peaceful. :)

  4. Hi Kar thanks for following and commenting! Glad you stopped by!! I can't believe I have 24 followers!!

    Love, Madison

  5. Have a Happy 4th and can you believe cherries @ $5 pd I almost fainted when the girl told said that will be $11.50...I said "Oh no they won't, I gonna put them back thank u." I went to the farmers Market and they where $3.99 and I still didn't buy. I like your price $1.75!

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Glad you found your cherries so cheap. I only buy them at the farmers market and that's why!! Girls jellies and sundresses look so cute. Great blog!!