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03 June 2009

A little bit of knitting and wonderful rain

I sat down Monday night and started working on the wrist warmers that I began a few months back.  I don't know why, but I just lost interest and picked up my hook and one thing led to another.  Every time I walked into my craft room to look at all the yarn I have, the little bag with the above mentioned project tucked inside kept staring at me (almost like it had puppy eyes).  So with the sense of guilt I had about starting a project and putting it down unfinished, I finally said enough is enough and sat down to complete them.  It took me a few minutes to get the hang of having needles in my hand instead of a hook.  No worries because it all came back to me quite fast.  Amazing how your mind has to wrap itself around something again that was almost second nature at the beginning of the year.  I quickly remembered about the different muscles in your hands and arms that get used when knitting versus crochet.  The Aspercreme was pulled out of the cabinet the very next morning.  Love that stuff.  :)  I have made a "boo boo" though while working on them.  I wasn't paying attention after I had made the increase rows of the pattern and the section where you work the 4 row pattern for 6" turned out to be doubled on one "wristie" because I wasn't paying attention that I had already worked these repeated 4 rows earlier and had picked up the same wristie again and worked up a whole new section.  Oh well, the other wristie will had the extra rows added to it also.  It will be a smidge longer than the pattern says but at least there is no chance of my arms being cold now.  :)  What a doofus.  I never have claimed to be the brightest you know.

So yesterday was spent as a complete family day on Glenn's day off.  We went to the movies, had lunch and spent some time at the book store ( for a new trails book for our area) and of course Joanns.  It was nice not having a real agenda going for the day except for the movie.  We woke up to the skies being cloudy and gray, just knowing that rain would soon follow.  It was a welcome "treat" to have a slow but steady rain all day.  Everything seemed fresh afterwards.  Then the evening was completed with having breakfast for dinner, some hockey watching (even though the two teams we don't like most are playing for the CUP.) and some good ole' kicking back.  I think this is when I made the mistake of adding the extra rows to the wristie.  Never "watch" hockey while working on a knitting project.  Knitting is a pain to fix when you realize a mistake was made.  At least it was only added rows and the pattern still looks good.  And I'm still loving the yarn I picked for this project.  Yummy!  The color I'm using is Mars Spirit.  Yes, it had red in it.  How did you know.  :)

Well, off for another wonderful day here at the zoo.  Can you believe I only had one measly load of wash to do?  I was shocked too.  I went looking for clothes laying around the house but none were to be found.  I'm not complaining.  I might even make some brownies today.  Gotta have something being that we woofed down the Tillamook Mudslide the other day.  Very upsetting.  Anyhoo, I hope that some of you who visit my little blog knit and will give the above pattern a try.  Very easy and very pretty when finished.  I'll show pics when I'm done.  Hopefully in just a couple of days.

Find something that makes you smile today!


  1. I absolutely adore my April/May wrist warmers. I made a pair earlier this year and let me say, LOVE them! I had some lovely local alpaca in natural ivory lying around that I used. The alpaca is smooshy and very warm. Just right for me as I dislike mittens or gloves. I received so many compliments on them I'm planning on making another pair this fall for gifting. Have fun - I found them to be a fairly quick project! Can't wait to see the completed pair!

  2. I will never ever learn how to knit. I can't even tell you how many times I have tried but I shall love watching YOU do it, okay?

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I like the rain too.

  3. I am just learning to knit and I can't wait until I can knit like you all.

  4. What is a Tillamook Mudslide?

  5. I love my wristlets. I want to make a thicker pair tho. If I need to really concentrate I can't do anything else while knitting. Love the yarn you got. I've been working on my baby blanket and I'm on the fourth square out of 20...slow progress.

  6. Your wristies are yummy!!

    Wish I could knit...I can barely hold the sticks!!

    I'm a happy hooker through and through!