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25 June 2009

A day of relaxing with the yarn stash

It's been a busy few days around here. Sunday you would have found us just hanging out with Glenn enjoying a trip to the book store and then just relaxing at home with him. The rest of the week has been spent doing a bit of cleaning, yard work, organizing the craft room (after the girls spent time in there) and staying out of the heat yesterday. I've been trying to keep Brenna busy with things to do inside because I'm trying to get her little b00-boo healed as soon as possible. That means no shoes as much as possible. Her boo-boo is right next to her ankle and twice now shoes have wrecked the progress we have made. So, she is getting sick of being inside to say the least. Yesterday and today have been pretty warm here in our parts so it makes it a bit easier.

But last night, after the heat started to escape, we went up to our favorite sunset spot and caught the most wonderful show. It was so nice with the breeze that was whipping around up there. Nice break from the heat earlier in the day. And it was nice to get out of the house. You don't have to ask me twice if I want to go watch this beautiful scenery. I'm usually waiting for everyone else to hop in the car. Slow pokes. :)

I had to show how the flowers in the little fence buckets are filling out nicely. I love going out to look at their "cuteness".

I finally got around to cleaning out all the over grown junk out of the last flower bed in the back. I planted the little starts we put in peat discs and added more seeds. Hopefully soon it will look much better. Even this is better than it was. And I'm finding spots for the rocks we've drug home from our little adventures lately. Looking nice.

The garden is doing good, except for the watermelon seeds and the eggplant. No sign of them yet. And Glenn lets me know about that everyday. I'm crossing my fingers for those two to show themselves soon. I'm not too happy with my neighbors tree which has grown way too much since last year and is now shading the far corner of my garden area. I some how knew when they planted that tree a few years back that it would some how "mess up" my garden space. At least its only a wee corner, for now. Argghhh.

I've got three rows finished so far on the baby blanket. Sorry, I'm not unfolding it right now. This is only a tease. :) I'm really liking it though. Can't wait till it's done.

Now for this wee bit of inspiration. This is not my work. But isn't it wonderful! I came across it on flickr after Julie told me about Ingrids photostream. Simply awesome! You must go take a look. I am now wanting to make one for myself. And believe me when I say that I have enough scraps to do it. Glenn would be happy to hear that. :)

Here are some other bits of inspiration that I've been staring at the last few days. Enjoy! I know you will.

Mary. Love her "Fruit Punch" blankie! She seems to have an artistic eye for things. Lovely.

Trudette. Love her crochet work. Very inspiring.

There are lots more but I don't have the time to sit in front of the computer today. Just don't get lost in all the photo streams on Flickr. You will lose track of time and the whole day will be shot. Trust me.

Well, I am going to go and continue enjoying my birthday today. I've had a quiet morning to start the day( which was lovely) a wonderful foot soak and a "pedicure" (I did it myself, but loved every minute of it.), some crochet time and just listening to music. I'm just trying to figure out now what to get for dinner because I don't want to cook with it being so warm out. Popeyes chicken sounds so yummy right now, so you never know. Heck, even Sonic sounds good with a huge order of onion rings along with a yummo burger from there. I think I'm liking that. Let's see if I can twist Glenn's arm for that one! Hey at least he will have nice soft feet rubbing on his legs when he goes to sleep tonight. Yea, he loves that. Not. LOL!!! I also have to figure out where to go for exploring this weekend. Rough job you know. Quite stressful!

Hope everyone has had a FABtasTic day so far. Look around for something to smile about. Something is out there, trust me.



  1. Today is your birthday? Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Hi Kar!! And happee birthday to you gal!! Did you get any cool gifts?? Most things I ask for now are for my house, but that works for me!! I don't really do the "clothes and jewelry" thing. I am a very simple girl who just doesn't require much at all. Some comfy cotton clothes and some sneakers and flip flops and I'm set!!

    Beautiful sunset!! I just love seeing all the colors!! Outdoors is my fave, too!! Even when it is hot...it just wears me out more quickly.

    Better go!! I have some organizing to finish up in my bedroom!! Can't wait till it is all done! YAY!!

    Have a FANTASTIC birthday celebration, my friend!!
    Love and hugs,

  3. Oh yeh, I looked at Sarah London's stuff...really cute...but so is yours!!


  4. Happy birthday Kar!!!
    I love your little tin bucket with flowers, it's just too cute, I'm glad you shared it with us.
    The baby blanket squares are looking fabulous by the way.

  5. Happy Birthday !
    And thanks for mentioning me on you lovely Blog !
    Will be visiting you often.

  6. Thanks so much for the shout-out about my blog. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty with the photos disappearing. But, I'm working on replacing all of them. Take Care and again thanks.