"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

09 February 2013

blustery day...

It is amazing what one day of nearly 50 degrees will do to a snow fort that had so much hard work put into it.  I felt bad for the girls when I saw this.  At least they had fun working together on it.  Memories.

Now it's back to the quilt since there is no way I will be venturing out today with all the blustery winds that have decided to visit us.  Not the kind of visitor I would ask for.  So I must make the most of the day and sit with this quilt on my lap on work diligently to complete it.  Such hard work.



  1. I used to feel bad too when all the kids hard work making the forts and snowmen would melt. I hope you show the quilt when you are done, love the green polka dots.

  2. Hi Karfee!! That fort was cool! {no pun intended!!} I'm sure the girls had a blast building it. But ice does...well what it does, right?

    You and your quilts just amaze me!! Can't wait to see this one when you're finished!!

    Hope your weekend is cozy and filled with little joys!

  3. Looks good Kar, you inspire me... Just maybe i'll finish my quilt one day. Love the photo above, the light bouncing of yours is beautiful, I cant wait to see it when done.

  4. Yet, you're having such fun. I've been in the bed just about all day. I'm determined to get some rest, although I did recently finish 2 hats and am itching to start another... but that would mean getting out the bed to reach the yarn and hooks. lol