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20 February 2013

Blanket love...

A blanket full of stripey goodness finished for soon to be newest member of the family.  I just love how the colors came together.  

I loved them so much that a second was quickly made, just not so stripey.

I've got colors running around in my head so fast right now.  There are definitely more blankets coming soon.



  1. So pretty; really fun color combinations. Have a wonderful day! Heather

  2. Ohhh, it came out so pretty. Wish I could work so fast on my projects. This will really keep someone nice and snuggly warm. Still love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a lovely day, Erika

  3. I do love the colors, and I can see why you made a second one.

  4. Your blanket is just beautiful. I love the colours.
    Anne xx

  5. These are beautiful blankets and the colors. Your stash must be amazing. There's no way I have enough coordinating colors to pull this off. I wanna see your stash! :-)

  6. Ohh I LOVE the colors too! You are amazing... I can't believe how fast you crank these beauties out!

  7. Literally just posted last week about how I wish I was crafty. I'd LOVE to make beautiful blankets and quilts like yours. Just gorgeous!

  8. What a pretty blanket. Love the colors, can you tell me where I can find the pattern??

  9. You and Miss Em make the BEST blankets!
    I always just love them!
    It's a real ministry keeping all your loved ones snuggly warm :)))

  10. Soooo beautiful! Gorgeous colors. :)

  11. Just gorgeous, as usual!
    Love that super stripey one.
    I love the picking out colors part, its so exciting to decide what colors will go next to eachother:)