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18 July 2011

Summer in charge...

Summer was in full swing around these parts the last couple of weeks.
Which explains the absence from the blog.

Mom came for her visit, which was absolutely wonderful.  The girls couldn't get enough of her.  Mom and Dad were put on the back burner and everything was about Oma.  Just seeing the girls enjoying every minute with Mom was a real treat.

There were 5 birthdays that had to be celebrated from June.
All the years totaled 188.  Precautions were taken where the candles were concerned and the number candles were used on the birthday pie.  No sense in trying to burn the house down with that many single candles going all at once.

There was time spent at the cherry orchard picking pie cherries and bings.
 20 lbs of pie cherries and 10 lbs of bings
 plus a bit of rhubarb
 were soon made into 
 lots of little jars of all this yumminess.
Strawberries had to be included also because there was no sense in leaving them out of all the fun going on in the kitchen.

Just a little note, pie cherries are now my absolute favorite summer fruit.
Next to strawberries of course.
But the cherries have taken first place in my book.
 They girls found a new 'yard' pet.
His name changes daily.
 There was some backyard roasting going on.
 Try telling a 7yr old that you aren't suppose to purposely set the marshmallows on fire just so you can see it engulfed in flames.  It was pointless.
 A few hours of fun was spent at the mini golf course.
 At the end of the course there was a tiki totem.  If you were able to get the ball right down the middle into the pipe it started to smoke and a huge burst of fire came out of it's head.  Guess who got that to happen.  Yeah, Glenn.  The rest of us were squirted because of our lack of skill.
We had to hear about that the rest of the day.
 And some good ole' river time was had.  Trying to find little fishes if possible, splashing around to cool off and of course (you know what's coming) trying to find just the right rock to throw to see how big of a splash could be made.
What else do you expect.

Mom is back home now, but trust me when I say that the girls have lots more on the list of summer time things to do.  The fun isn't over yet.


  1. Looks like you guys are really enjoying some summer fun.

  2. Hi Karfeeee! So glad you all had a great time with your Mom. Sometimes we don't realize what an incredible blessing we have been given with special times w/parents.

    Hope you have a wonderful week, sweetie! Keep me in your prayers...having a health issue...ugh!
    Love ya!

  3. Thanks for taking me along on your little adventure. Looks and sounds like you had a great time. Connor is sure a cutie pie (from earlier post). Did you find all the little kisses babies hide down in their neck folds? Oh, I just can never get enough of those.

  4. Sounds like some real fun. I never even heard of pie cherries; thought it was just bings. Learning something new today. :-) Enjoy your summer fun!

  5. The jam looks wonderful...It looks like you have been enjoying your summer so far.

  6. oh, yum yum yum! i love the food of summer. those preserves look heavenly.

  7. Cherry rhubarb....That sounds like a wonderful combination. Yum. I'm glad your visit with Oma was a good one.

  8. That sounds like the perfect summer so far! Your jam looks fabulous.