"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

22 January 2011


After a quick trip to the library to get books that were being held for us, all three of us girls found ourselves back in the craft room just doing whatever came to us.  As you can see the sweater is not finished.  Close though.  Hopefully by the end of tomorrow.  

One girl, who has really been into sewing and stitching lately, was complaining that she didn't have a pin cushion of her own.  Apparently she didn't want to wait until the next time we went to the fabric store or make one herself, so she improvised.  It looks like a voodoo doll.  Some poor little bear, hibernating in the woods somewhere, minding his own business is suffering a major headache right now when all he was doing was snoozing the winter away.  Poor guy.
 Em is creating things way ahead of time so she will be sporting some bright colorful apparel come spring and summer.  They are going to be some pretty nice capris when finished.  No sense in getting rid of jeans when the only thing that doesn't fit is the length.

 The other miss crafty is busily working on her masterpiece, making sure she is mixing colors just right so it looks fabulous.
While I'm heading for the kitchen to make a cheesecake for someone's 12th birthday on Monday.  We are celebrating it tomorrow since Dad doesn't have to work.  Maybe we can finagle going out to eat tomorrow so Mom doesn't have to cook.  I love it when birthdays come around.  I'm just not so keen on the little ones getting older and bigger.


  1. Oh, such happy creations being made. A special early birthday wish to a pre-teen!

  2. Something is seriously wrong. I'm not 12. My birthday is not until August. BUT I do love cheesecake!

    Happy birthday to the special girl!!

  3. Those capris are going to look awesome. I also cut off the legs of my used jeans to wear them in the summer. Great idea!
    Happy birthday for that special & crafty someone~

  4. Haha! I am still laughing over the poor little bear pin cushion!
    Oh,My! How funny!
    LOVE her cute pants,what a creative girl she is (hmmm,wonder where they get that from:)
    Love all the cozy crafting going on there!
    Have a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday lil Miss Crafty! Awesome painting and great embroidery on those jeans that are being recycled into Capri's (peddle pusher's we use to call them). Kar can't wait to see that sweater it looks really warm.

    Have a great Sunday and God Bless you all!
    Ps: I know what you mean about them growing up.......mine are 22 and 24 and I often miss when they were your girls age! It's nice to see that you take the time to enjoy them while they are young, one of the reason why I started following your blog was all your family adventures. We now have a 2 yr old grandson so it all comes around again the only difference is you get to send them home when your done playing. :)

  6. dear kar,
    what a wonderful creativ post.mmmh cheescake
    i love it.
    i wish your daughter a wonderful birthday!!
    have a nice day,
    hugs regina

  7. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. I love the jeans, they are so cute like that. Oh man, cheesecake another favorite of mine. Enjoy the day!

  8. Haha -- a voodoo bear. I like that.