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03 January 2011

A good start...

Today is the first day since before the holidays that I have stuck to my daily list of things to do.  And boy is it kicking me in the tail.  I didn't realize how much I slacked off around here during the holidays. (it's all my opinion.  The rest of the family doesn't agree with me after all that went on around here.)  Things were quiet and no big fusses were made about anything.  I just let things happen, within reason.  ;)  I still made sure that the whole 'keep things nice and neat' rule stayed in effect so that I wouldn't be cleaning and putting the house back in order for 5 days straight after the holidays.  The decorations were taken down and put away on New Years. It's amazing how it takes a day and a half to get everything in just the right spot after Thanksgiving but only 3 hours tops to put everything away when everyone helps.

Through out the peacefulness that seeped into our surroundings I was able to get quite a bit done on the yarn front.  I sat down and dabbled with an idea I had for a table runner.  It turned out rather well even if it's not the colors I would normally throw all together.
 A sweater for Glenn was cast on over the weekend.  The yarn has been sitting in the craft room since last year!  Very sad.  This is where my list of must do projects is turning out to be very helpful.  I've taped it up where I can't miss out when ever I sit down in there and it stares me down several times a day.  Nothing like a little pressure to get you moving.
 With all this creating going on around here, it seems as if the little crafty bug has bitten a little one around here to the point in which she is willing to tackle a kit that was given to her for Christmas.  She could barely contain herself while doing her school work, just waiting to sit down and give this a try today.  I might have a little partner sitting next to me before long with some bigger projects.  Kind of exciting to see those little hands trying to get the stitches just right so her flower looks just perfect.
Yep, it seems like 2011 is off to a pretty good start.  I'm loving the simple, slow start to everything around here.  I wonder how long it will last.


  1. Love the table runner - the colors are really pretty! Looks like you're cruising on Glenn's sweater...are you doing it in sections or in the round? Can't quite tell from the pic! Either way, great color for a man's sweater!

    Happy New Year!

  2. The table runner came out great. Are they three strips sewn together or individual squares?

    Great color for that sweater too and I'm excited about the little one being bit by the crafting bug. One of my good friends has a 5 year old and I've been dreaming of little projects she can do. I started out with those looms for making pot holders. My mom still has them hanging up!

  3. Me too! Me too! I love the table runner too! ;)

  4. Happy New Year Kar! Your runner is so pretty. I like the color combo. Your little hats in your previous post are so cute too.

  5. Your table runner absolutely rocks! I love it. The colors are awesome -- not my usual scheme, but it works wonderfully. Colors are something I struggle with. Maybe I'll just follow your lead! Yes, you are definitely off to a good start and looks like you have yourself a crafting companion.

  6. I love the table runner. You always come up with some neat ideas. I like the color of Glenn's sweater. I have a sadder thing, my sweater is still on the needles...sigh...I told myself I WILL get it done this year.

  7. The runner came out wonderfully, I like the colors you chose, bright and cheery for the winter sure looks great! Good for you and your list, looks like you are rocking it already. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects.

  8. Love the view of that table runner stretching waaay out. And so exciting for your little one to be your potential crafter-in-crime. Have a wonderful creative year!

  9. Isn't it crazy how all the christmas stuff comes down so fast? I've been trying to get back in the swing of things this week since school starts back up Thursday. Total relaxation will soon be over...

  10. Love the new crafts!
    The tablerunner is so cheery and the girls hats are DARLING!
    Congrats on the new slippers!
    They do indeed look cozy and cute:)
    Happy New Year, Kar!

  11. Beautiful table....always nice to start the new year off with something crisp and new in the house. Love the color selection, really makes the wood look warm and inviting:)

  12. Love your table runner, very pretty! I've given you an award and posted about it on my blog. Please stop by and pick it up when you can. :-)

  13. dear kar,
    your new crochet table runner looks very pretty,i love it!!!!loveley color combi,looks
    a bit of spring.
    i wish you a wonderful creative time,
    love regina
    here is all the snow gone.

  14. Hi Kar! I love that color combo on the runner! And I am so glad you have a little crafter beside you! It is so much fun! I am kind of grieving a little because Maddy really has lost interest in creating. :o{ We have some awfully fun memories, though, and I know she will come back to it in the future.

    Glad to know your new year is off to a good start! I am currently working on fabric art, and getting Christmas put away.

    Love and big hugs to you! So nice to visit and catch up!

  15. How fun that you have a little yarn partner in the making!

  16. Wow I love your table runner!!