"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

29 December 2010

Little things...

Christmas is now past and I am so happy to say that it went off without any drama to spoil the event.  I think that is the best present of all.  Things were quiet and peaceful and everyone enjoyed everything that went on around them.  I hope all of my readers had a wonderful, peaceful Christmas also.

I finished the girls hats two days before Christmas.  They figured out what I was up to and watched intently on how they were both turning out with what colors I was using and the order that they were being added.  Sunday night I was sitting with nothing to do, so a couple of scarves were made up quickly to go along with their new favorite hats.  The hats were even tried out Christmas night when we made a quick trip to the Botanical Gardens for the Garden A Glow.  We certainly picked a great night to go.  Not too cold, no wind and no rain.  We really love going each year, being surrounded by all the lovely lights.  You just can't get tired of it.

Now after a few days of just relaxing, I have made a very definite decision to make my list of handmade gifts and get them made as quick as possible.  I've not been one to get finished with gifts super early in the years past but lets just say with the ease of how things went this year, I will be making the event a sure fire thing every year now.  Now to make sure I have all the yarn I will need for it all.  :)
But before I started with the list I sat and started a quick little table runner project for the table.  I loved the wintry blues and greens so much in Em's hat and scarf that I had to come up with something for the table to add a bit of color to the table.
 As I sit in the craft room working on the runner I will be sporting my most favorite gift of all.  I'm so loving my new slippers that I got for Christmas.  They are warm and toasty, comfy, cozy.  Love them!  And the colors are just awesome.  I run around the house all day and night with them on.  Acorn slippers are awesome!

 Every once in awhile I will have to take a nibble of a most awesome gingersnap cookie that Glenn brought home from the Great Harvest Bread shop in his route.  I've not been a big fan in the past of gingersnaps but these sure have changed my mind on that.  They are so soft, chewy and huge!    YUM!!!
Every once in a while I will take a glimpse at my new book that I got for Christmas to figure out what other projects will need to be made for the wee ones of the family.  And while glimpsing a few nibbles will be taken of the chocolate bar that Santa left in my stocking.  :)  I was pretty darn good this year you know.  ;)
It's rather cold and breezy today.  We fortunately did not get any of the snow that was forecasted last night.  Over a foot is what we were told.  Yeah.  Just rain.  The girls were so waiting for it all.  It would have been nice but then poor Glenn would have to be out driving in it all day long.  Luckily the mountains got it all.  Well over two feet the last two days.  The hills are so pretty with it all up there.

Well, I must be getting back to the yarn and goodies.  They are not patient little things you know.  I know they are giving me the 'eye' right now.


  1. Sounds like a lovely little day you have planned! There's nothing better than playing with yarn and munching on a yummy cookie. Enjoy. And nice job on the scarves and hat. Hats off to you!

  2. The hats and scarves turned out too cute! I always wear slippers around the house. I love yours, they're so colorful! I can't sit and do nothing now that Christmas is over, it seems I just need to be knitting :)

  3. dear kar,
    wonderful hats and scarves.i love the colours!!we have also a wonderful christmas.
    i am on knitting......mittens,hats and warm socks.sometimes i crochet a new square for my
    i wish you and your family a happy new year!!!

  4. cute hats! cute hats! i love the slippers too.

  5. Oh, we have a Great Harvest Bread up here too and I love it! Their blueberry cheesecake bread is ridiculous and they make it too infrequently.

    Love how the hats and scarves turned out.... and how you casually toss out that you made the scarves in an evening because you had nothing to do. If I put all the power of my brain towards that one task, it would have taken me a week at least. Beautiful colors.

    I've never heard of those Acorn slippers but they sure look comfy! My bare feet are jealous.

  6. The hats and scarves are beautiful! Have I told you about my one and only knitting project? It was a scarf and somehow I kept getting a different number of stitches in each row. How did that happen??? I ripped out so many rows and ended up needing a trip to the chiropractor for the kink in my neck! Apparently, knitting is not my calling in life, but I so love all the gorgeous yarns out there. I can make a granny square though, so all is not lost!
    Have a wonderful New Year, Kar.

  7. These are great hat/scarf sets! I love how one kid is all bundled up and the other sports a short sleeve. :-) The slippers are fabulous and they look so cozy.

    I hope you have a very wonderful New Year!

  8. Happy New Year Kar and family! Love the hats & scarfs!

  9. this is my first visit to your blog...but I'll be back! such a great place this is. I love the font you've got on your blog....how'd you do that? The hats and scarves are so adorable and i'm sure they'll get much use this winter. Have a very Happy New Year!

  10. I also had a nice Christmas and New Years with no drama because my sister in law went to see he son in Kentucky ;) I so love the hats! I need to finish Charli a hat to go with a scarf I made. My resolution this year is to do something creative every day.
    Have a great week!

  11. Love the hats they are so cute and super love how you decided to work up matching scarfs beacuse you had time, so nice. I was pushing to finish my gift until the last minutes. Those slippers do look super comfy and warm. It is so cold and rainy here. Sounds like it was a good day girl, my kind of day :) crafting and stopping for the occasional sweet tooth break, perfect. Happy New Year friend looking forward to seeing your adventures and projects in 2011! xxx jen