"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

01 December 2010

I'm so loving this...

We woke up to this gorgeous sight this morning.  8 inches of fluffy, white, pretty snow.  I was doing a little jig while out helping Glenn clear the driveway before he went to work.  He of course thought I was absolutely crazy.  The girls were up before Glenn left for work and were dressed and ready to go out in it by 7:45.  They are the same little people that complain about getting up in the morning so we can get started on lessons.  Go figure.  They of course are having a snow day like everyone else today.

 Angels were made.
 Snow caves were built.

 The little snowman is covered beyond recognition.
 Every thing looks so magical.  Reminds of the scene from the movie "The Christmas Story" when Ralphie is out in the back yard.  Love it!

 It's a perfect day for playing with yarn and trying to finish a few projects,
 and sipping on lots of yummy chocolaty mugs of goodness.
I'm having such a great day today.
I hope you are too!


  1. I'm so jealous...we still haven't had any snow yet. Just some flurries, nothing sticking. I love the snow angels...wonderful pictures. The hot chocolate looks good. I need to put that on my grocery list. I'm glad your day is going great.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love your hot chocolate mug too!

  3. Im so jealous! living in Florida I only see snow on TV! I miss snowy stay in the house days..Some of my fondest memories are of snow days snuggled up in the house..SO lucky you are to be home with you children..School at home is the best..Stay warm my friend!

    PS cannot wait to see what you are making!

  4. We got quite a bit of snow here too!
    We have about 2 feet total now.
    Is that a lit up Moose in your yard ?!?!?
    I love it!
    I have a couple of reindeer,but now I am positve that I need a Moose!
    So happy you are having a cozy snow day with your family:)

  5. We're not going to have any snow any time soon in Los Angeles, so I really enjoyed checking out your clean fluffy snow! How fun.

  6. Looks like a lovely day! Really pretty yarn projects and I love your header photo!

  7. Where's my hot chocolate? Oh it looks beautiful but I don't get all that excited about snow. I think it's time for Texas to trade us seasons.

    Beautiful post, Kar.

  8. That looks so fun! We are so jealous, no snow here just lots of cold. Enjoy!

  9. Sounds like a glorious day! I'm so glad that you guys got some snow down there; I bet it was a real treat for your kids. Lovely pictures too :)

  10. Snow transforms everything....You have to be in the holiday spirit now, with all that white fluffy stuff.

    My kids could use a snow day -- they're dragging. I could too for that matter, but my boss -- I'm sure -- disagrees.

    Enjoy your beautiful world.

  11. dear kar,
    oh..wow....wonderful.....i love snow.
    happy weekend,
    hugs regina

  12. Your photos are beautiful! Sometimes I wish we could get a little bit of snow down our way, but I know it's just not gonna happen. We have to drive to see/play in snow - along with millions of other people so sometimes it's not so much fun! Lovely to see yours though.

  13. Such beautiful pictures!! I hope we will have snow again this year. It is rare. :o)
    Your yarn projects are cute and the mug of coco is so adorable!! :o)