"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

21 December 2010

Enjoying the calm...

I sat the other night and watched the snow fall while sitting in by a window upstairs that faces out front.  It was absolutely gorgeous watching the little flakes fall in the glow of the Christmas lights.  I'm not sure exactly how long I was there, but it was quite a while.  When I finally walked away, it was time to put the pj's on and climb into a warm bed.
  I love how calm and peaceful things are around here when I don't put too much on my plate.  I have to stop and think sometimes as to what is really important and then make sure that I keep it all in perspective.  It is so well worth it.

All the packages have arrived to their destinations, so I am able to show the quick little gifts that were made and sent off.

A forest of trees were made so that they can brighten someone else's table top or counter.
Different shades of green
 and shades of blue.  
 I'm thinking that maybe some pink ones would be pretty awesome also.  Next year.  There were also bundles of things that one can use in the kitchen, etc.  All handmade.  Tried to stay away from all the materialistic influences out there.  I think it all turned out well.

I finished sewing the main parts of the quilt together over the weekend.  I'm pretty darn pleased with it all so far.  Nothing fancy.  Just simple squares.  I got so excited by how all the colors looked in the bright sunshine in my room when I was laying them out to admire it all.  It's going to look great next year brightening up the room for the holidays.  I've put the squares off to the side for now until I get more white fabric and the batting.  I'm not making a move toward any fabric store until after the holidays.
 So while I'm in limbo with the quilt, I decided to make a couple of little quick hats for the girls.  Not like they need one.  But I'm not going to sit idle while partaking in Christmas show marathons around here and not be productive.

These colors are for Brenna, inspired by the colors of antique glass ornaments that she loves.
 And these are for Em, inspired by her love of purple and the wintry snow she loves.
I've not said anything to them about it all.  I'll just wait and see how long it takes them to ask about what I'm up to and who they are for.  It will also keep me from getting up and running the kitchen to grab more cookies and treats, that I don't need.

I'm going to brave the store later tonight just for all the items that will be needed for snacks on Christmas Eve night.  I always love that food better than what is made for Christmas dinner.  Don't get me wrong, a nice glazed ham is awesome, but I really love all the snacky things that are sitting just waiting devoured.

Hope you are having a peaceful time also before all the Christmas fun starts.


  1. ooh, fun trees! have a great week!

  2. Those trees are awesome!
    I love your quilt fabric, so wintery and pretty.
    Those are going to be some colorful hats, cant wait to see the girls modeling them!

  3. Stopping by to wish you a very merry xmas!!
    Hugs from Sweden

  4. I'm so into the homemade this year. And now you have me drooling of your quilt and all that yarn. You are going to have such fun. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  5. I love those little trees! I hope you have a peaceful and merry Christmas.

  6. I wish I'd had more time for handmade stuff for the kids this year. At least I've been able to keep my husband's gift buying in check. He sometimes loses self control and gets too much stuff. He needs a bookmark to keep on that "less is more" page I'm on! I really love those trees!

  7. The trees are totally cute! I love how the quilt is turning out. I'm making a Christmas table runner from the "mistakes" I made on my Christmas quilt. I have to finish it after Christmas tho, so it'll be for next year. I love the hat colors, so bright and cheery looking. I too can't sit idle while watching the marathon shows. Have a Merry Christmas with your wonderful family.

  8. Hmmm, well I love it all! I have a thing for trees, so I love the trees, and the quilt is gorgeous...Christmas colors with some aqua thrown in is my very, very favorite combination. And the hat colors are beautiful. Your girls will be thrilled when they figure that one out!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh I adore the trees! I really wanted to make some felty ones this year but it just didn't happen. Love the nubbiness of yours.

    Big yay for snacks!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  10. I love the colors in your quilt, so pretty!

  11. KARFEE!!! Your trees are adorable, gal! And the quilt so far looks awesome! You sure don't let those hands of yours sit idle, do ya? Wishing you a wonderful, happy new year, my friend! May God bless you and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you and yours!!

    Love ya lots,