"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

12 January 2011

Family time...

I was notified again last night that things have been a little quiet at a certain little blog.  You can probably guess by who.  Yep.  Mom.  She doesn't like getting on the computer to see what we are up to and there is nothing for her to enjoy.  Things have been quiet around these parts for the last week.  We have been just letting things happen while we get into the full swing of lessons again and watching the calendar tick down to testing again.  No worries about that.  The girls are way ahead of where the 'norm' is suppose to be for them.  There has been alot of reading, crafting, cooking and just good ole' staying warm and cozy as we get consumed with whatever we feel like doing for the day (without alot of activity happening on the computer).  It's been ever so nice to have each day pass quietly by as we just enjoy being around each other.

We took full advantage of Glenn having a day off  yesterday and decided to break the cabin fever feeling we all seemed to have and went to explore the Nature Center down by the river downtown.  It's something we've never done in the winter in all these years of living here.  It's one of those things you would never think of doing when you've gotten stuck in a rut in the middle of winter and you are comfy cozy in the house.

All bundled up in the chilly, breezy 20 degree temps, we set off to see how different things looked at the center from the other times of the year when we have gone down there to enjoy all it has.

Wonderful ice heaves on the pond were admired.
 The girls were amazed at all the different levels of 'freezage' that was happening on the pond.
 Sheets of ice were balancing on rocks underneath as the water still flowed under it all.

 Even after all our trips to the Nature Center this was the first time we all noticed this tree growing around one of the hand rails that lead you up to the area to see the waterfall.  Just another example of how much one can miss if you don't slow down and explore all you can.  It took a six year old to stop me and examine this.  Thanks sweet girl!
 Our friends the trout were gorgeous to look at as usual.  The girls felt bad for them because they were in freezing water.  I'm sure they don't really mind it.
 Glenn and I were questioned about if ducks get cold tails and feet from being in the water.  Not sure but I know I would not like having either one.  That's why you won't find me in there in the middle of winter.

 There were lots of pretty ice formations all of the water.
 And lots of birds and critters enjoying a bit of sunshine while feasting on treats that are left out around the bird watching area.  I didn't stick around too long.  After being buzzed by about six sparrows and few more chickadees, all heading for the treats, I wasn't sure it was safe to be in their way.  They may be small but I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty if they all ganged up on someone they thought was taking their treats.  Visions of the movie 'The Birds' came to mind and I was out of there.
Afterwards, a little warming up was needed.  So we headed down the road to get some juicy hamburgers for lunch and make a quick stop to the bookstore.  There were too little people that felt they needed to finish off their gift cards they received for Christmas.  After some very fine choices were made, it was back home for some great warm, cozy blanket time while enjoying the literary works that were purchased a short time before.  A lovely day was had by all.

Today I am going to really try to get back into the groove of working on Glenn's sweater.  I was put off the other day after suddenly realizing that what I had figured out for the amount of yarn needed was not going to be enough for finishing the sweater.  This is even after I went by the amount given on the pattern for the size needed and ordered what I assumed was sufficient, LAST YEAR!!!  Needless to say I was not in the best of moods.  A trip to the store was made to find something Glenn liked when paired with the original color.  I get so put off by patterns that don't give enough information or gives incorrect information so that the whole process of making something you think will be wonderful suddenly has a big pain of a road block ruining the whole experience.  Remind you of something?  Yeah, the girls sweaters, Fall of '09.  Anyhoo, I'm going to try to get into a happy mood about completing this project.  After getting a big warm pot of Pasta E Fagioli going for dinner (I add italian sausage to mine) I will be heading to the craft room with all the required elements that are needed in order to get into that happy place.  You know, the Ipod, chocolate, and the warm and toasty electric blanket to wrap around me.  It should all be good then.  Here's crossing my fingers.



  1. How beautiful! Looks like you all had a nice time. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Love the header photo! Looks like you all had a wonderful nature visit. Looks like the perfect weather for hot chocolate!

    The girls' sweaters were Fall '09? Time really flies. Lots of good times shared on this thing called "Blogger". :-)

    Enjoy your craft time. I see a hook and yarn calling my name...

  3. As usual I love your new header! It looks like you guys had a wonderful trip to the nature center and these pictures are amazing! It looks cold but so beautiful there. I love that your mom reads your blog and lets you know when its been idle :). I laughed out loud when I saw your link to the "girls sweater" (the character yanking her hair is hilarious. I think we've all felt like that before. haha) Weird...I just changed my header and made Pasta Fagioli the other night for my family. Must be feeling your vibe here is So Cal. Take care and stay warm!

  4. My mom does the same thing if I have not written a blog post in awhile:)
    What a fun family outing!
    I love how the girls were concerned with the duckies, they have sweet hearts just like their Mama.

  5. I hope you found that happy time in your craft room. That tree is really neat -- and yes, sometimes it takes a child to make us see things we easy overlook. Your nature center looks like a great place to visit any time.

  6. Wonderful pics Kar...Jim and I keep saying we need to head out west to see it again. My kids enjoy reading my blog and don't like it if I miss a day.

  7. What a great outing. :o) Thanks for taking us along with you. It has been far too long since I popped in for a visit and was fun catching up. :o) I know what you mean about letting things happen as they will and being off the computer too. It's nice isn't it?! :o)
    I hope you have a great weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish