"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

01 March 2010

Noticing color...

my yummy jar of M&M's

the gorgeous purple sweater and how it looks in the morning sun.
I'm loving the detail of the arm area.  Can't wait till I get to the cable area.
My first!
Now just to decide if I want to use a cable needle or not.
Probably not.
Oh the adventure!
I'm giddy!

all the pretty colored yarn in the first morning light

tons of bright pencils
(the little people around here keep telling me that they need more and have nothing to write with)

noticing that little B no longer needs my help with her favorite puzzles
and quite possibly they are the reason why pink is her favorite color as of late

and the brightly colored jump ropes that little ones have been feverishly practicing with the past two weeks.

It all put quite the smile on my face this morning.
What a FAB start to the week!


  1. Gorgeous colors! That sweater is my favourite color at the moment. I look forward to seeing it!

  2. What a bright start of the month is this!

  3. Lovely photos! I agree...color is very important in our lives. Thanks for sharing! You are brave to have a jar of M&Ms sitting out...mine have to be hidden away in a bottom cupboard near the back where I can't get to them easily! lol

  4. Love the pics!
    The sweater looks awesome already,and love the picture of the yarn.
    I have baskets of colorful yarn all over my house.
    I love the colors and just love having my yarn close to me at all times;)

  5. Lovely items in such lovely spring colors! It's on the way. :-)

    p.s. Care to share some of those M&Ms?

  6. I left something for you and your girls to enjoy: http://elviajedevida.blogspot.com/2010/03/colonial-camp.html.

  7. Lovely happy post, Kar. Made me smile!

  8. Karrfeeeeeee!! How are you my friend? Love all the colors of this post and the rich color of that sweater!! Yummy!

    Did I tell you before that your header photo just whisks me away?? I LOVE wide open spaces!!

    Things here have been really nutty! 23 yo daughter has moved back (We are truly thrilled!!) but finding space has been a real challenge and adding a fearless 9 month old kitten to our animal menagerie has set us all on edge! Other than that...things are pretty good!! By next week everything should have settled down (Please Lord!)and I can resume my routine and actually have some time to use as I please!! We'll see!

    Hope your week has been a good one so far!!
    Love n hugs,

  9. Hi Kar,
    thank you so much for your nice comment.I love your colors,they are so colorfull.M&Ms ..yummie
    I love the color from your sweater.
    Thanks for the recipe!!!! I will it try.
    I wish you a wonderful evening,