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02 April 2010

Happy Easter!!!

The atmosphere of the house picks up just a bit when all the brightly colored decorations get brought out of the bins.
Can't help but love the handmade bunnies the girls made a couple of years ago, fluffy tails and all.
Everything just waits on the dear ole' Easter Bunny to put his final touches inside the eggs.
Tomorrow there will be egg dyeing, with just the right colors.  
One must have dyed eggs, even if they just become egg salad in a couple of days.


We are trying to do what we can to brighten up the place any way, any how.
The weather has been the absolute pits around here for the entire week.
It's enough to drive one a little crazy.

Two days ago it went from an absolute down pour to where the street was filling up fast.

Then to hail that turned the yard and roof all white,
and finally snow.
All in 5-10 mins.
We ended up getting about 1/2" of snow before it was all done in 20 min. time.
Doesn't the calendar say it's spring?
So much for global warming.

Anyhoo, I'm wishing and hoping everyone has a great Easter with their family and friends.
Here's to hoping for a great big chocolate bunny for the basket!


  1. hi kar,
    what a wonderful easterdeco.your handmade easterbunnies looks very nice,i like it.here we have cold rainy days with a little bit of sunshine
    i wish you and your family happy easter!!!!
    ps.thanks for the loveley award

  2. Happy Easter! Please save one of those dyed eggs you're making for me. ;-)

  3. Oh no not snow! I love your blog look. I hope you have a Blessed Easter with your family.

  4. Hi Kar! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Of course I had to check out yours. Love the easter atmosphere in your kitchen!

  5. Hi Karfee!! Such cute bunnies and eggs!!
    Sorry your spring hasn't quite sprung yet, but one thing is for sure...it will...soon!!!

    Love and hugs to you, gal! May your Easter be full of the love and joy of the Lord!


  6. Wow! Snow. It's of course not unusual for us here to have snow but this year was nice and temperate. Love your bunnies!

  7. Hi, Kar! Your Easter decorations are so cheery and bright. I love the bunnies your children made. Isn't the fury of the weather amazing? Just phenomenal!

  8. LOVE the bunnies on the table.
    Their so cute!

  9. Really cute Easter bunnies!