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07 April 2010

Down the road we go...

Off on another road trip tomorrow.  I'm just hoping that there won't be any snow storms down through Utah and Colorado when we go through there.  The goal is to make a 2,000 mile trip in two days so we can get to Mom's(east of Houston) and start having fun seeing everyone.  The days are already jam packed with things to do the whole time we will be there.  The girls can't wait to see their new cousin who is already 4 mths old.  Time flies you know.  There will be pillow fights with Oma, playing on the Wii with her, etc.  And lets not forget seeing Em's BFF.  She's pee'ing her pants over that for sure.

So back to getting the final things packed today and making sure everyone gets rest tonight.  We will be hitting the road well before the sun comes up.  Gotta love those dark, earrrrrrrly morning starts.

I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to make a few posts here and there while on the trip.  Keep your eye out for one.  You just never know.


  1. Hi Karrrfeee! I just LOVE road trips!! Praying that you will have a wonderful safe trip and make lots of new memories!!

    Love ya!!

  2. Take plenty of breaks to stretch your legs and keep the driver awake and aware! Y'all be CAREFUL.

  3. Have a safe trip!
    Road trips are awesome!
    Some of my best memories are from road trips:)

  4. Have a safe trip and enjoy! :-)

  5. Have a wonderful and safe trip.

  6. I hope you have a splendid trip, and take lots of pictures, your daughter's Oma sound like Orla's Oma. Have a blast!

  7. Wow. How have I missed you all this time. Just popped over by chance from Lucy..you know over in the Attic.... Been friends over there for a long, long time....Now, I have a new friend to follow here. Yarn and Garden, what more do I need to know...nothing...that's a seller point for me to sign up to follow right now.

    Have a great trip and hope you can stop by my garden for a visit when you get back.


    Monday Night Hugs,
    Kate- The Garden Bell and Attic 24 fan.