"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

18 April 2012


Oh to be 8 again.
No real cares in the world.

Just eyeing the cake that your big sister made for you.  Because it was so hard to wait for everyone to get to the point of wanting to eat cake after going out and eating lunch just so you could have your much loved Pasta and Alfredo sauce.  Everyone ate too much.  A trip to the park was made just to work lunch off a little faster for everyone.

Big sis made sure you had a chocolate My Little Pony cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting.
Just because you mentioned it so many times.

Proud of yourself that you can still blow all the candles out in one breath.

Enjoying cleaning the hooves off to make sure you can play with the ponies later.

Cutting the first slice and deciding how big your slice of cake will be.

And then playing for hours with all the new things you got as presents.
Who knew that the train whistle you have had for a few years now would finally find it's true purpose in life.  To warn the ponies who have fallen onto the train tracks to move or get run over.

To be 8 again.
Love you Little B!



  1. What a perfect cake! Sounds like the whole birthday was wonderful!!! Happy Birthday to Miss Emma!

  2. Hi Karfeeee!!

    So right you are...8 and no realy cares and concerns! We could learn from them, couldn't we??

    Looks like a fun time! So glad the ponies are safe!! LOL!!

    Hugs to you, Kar, and thanks for your thoughtful comments...always a joy!!

  3. Little girls are so wonderful and 8 is such a great age!! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!! xoxo Debbie

  4. Aww! What a sweet older sister she has. Sounds like the perfect birthday. My girl is just a bit younger - she's 8 in June.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I remember birthdays like that, when we ate way too much and not able to enjoy the cake later.

  6. Happy Birthday to your little girl who sounds just like an 8 year old should. Enjoying little girl things, imaginative games and ponies. That sounds like a real childhood instead of 8 year olds trying to be teens before their time. Sadly that it something I see too much of in our country. Enjoy her! :)
    Anne xx

  7. Oh, super wonderful birthday wishes to a wonderful, wonderful girl. Happy Birthday, B!


  8. Happy Birthday~!
    I love how your big sis decorated the cake with My Little Ponies.

  9. Happy Birthday to one lucky little 8 year old!

  10. pasta and cake sounds like my kind of day haha Happy 8th Birthday to you big girl!

  11. What a sweet birthday! I would definitely go back to being 8 again, if I could! :)) Your daughter is sure a cutie. I'll bet it's just a bit bittersweet to watch her grow up so quickly.