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28 July 2016

Miss B's first quilt...

     This quilt.  It makes me smile inside to see how proud Miss B is with this quilt she made with only very little help from me.  She picked all the fabrics herself.  Her most favorite layer cake of fabrics ever, Simply Color, along with every special scrap of fabric she had collected for quite some time.  The planning stage was long.  It had to be made with the perfect pattern, perfect fabric, etc.  She was so determined about it all. 

     Now, finally it is complete.  Months of work.  Letting her work at her own pace so she would love the process.  All in the hopes that she will want to do this again one day.  But for now she is content with her very own quilt, made by her hands.  Quite an accomplishment indeed for a 12 year old.  

     I couldn't be more proud of her.  I haven't stopped smiling yet.




  1. Congratulations to Miss B because her did a great job! I love her colour and fabric choice. I wish I was as skilled as her when I was 12. :-)

  2. Oh my goodness! This is amazing! I can see why you can't stop smiling Kar :-))) She did a beautiful job. What an undertaking for her age {for MY age!}.
    She can be very proud of herself... but she will probably never be as proud as YOU are of her ;-) ... and rightly so.

  3. That is so fabulous! I wish my mom had done that with me and it inspires me to learn so that maybe I can teach my girls!

  4. That's so amazing! She must be so proud of herself. She has a great teacher!!

  5. Miss B, really did an amazing job.

  6. How wonderful!!! It's beautiful!
    She did a great job!!!
    xx Shari