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06 April 2009

Beautiful weekend for kite flying...

Just a quick post about our fast paced but wonderful weekend.
Saturday was just about as perfect as you could ask for, after it warmed up after lunch.  :)  We could not resist the temptation to get out to one of the parks nears the house and break in the new kites the girls have.  There was alot of running around, squealing with delight and tons of smiles.  What else could you ask for?  Mostly it was Glenn and I getting the kites airborne and then the girls took over from there.

Brenna with her ladybug kite.
Em with her fish kite, way up there.  :)
Afterwards it was off to the store to get all the necessary grilling supplies; brats, hotdogs, the makings for pasta salad, etc.  The fresh air really wore all of us out.  Bedtime came early Saturday night, at least for all of us girls.  :)

Sunday was FAB also!!  Nothing like getting the lawnmower fired up for the first time of the season.  At little yard work; trimming, raking, weeding, etc.  It was nice to get out and relax doing the yard work.  Yes, I am very strange.  I lose myself when out doing yard work.  I totally lose track of time and I don't know when to stop!  I get very laid back and nothing really gets on my nerves afterwards.  So to say the least, no one in this family minds it when I do yard work!!  :D   Totally weird!  Oh well, could be worse things to lose your self in.  Yarn is not on that worse list thank goodness!!  :D    I went back out today to really get the front yard in shape.  Lots more I want to do but at least the neighbors won't complain with what was accomplish.  I always think there is more to be done but the neighbors always comment on how nice the yard is.  Are they seeing the same yard I am?    Anyhoo, off the get dinner going so that I can go and enjoy some more lovely afternoon sunshine while indulging in some yarny stuff.  The girls have loved their day off from lessons.  There was definitely lots of laughter going on at this address today.  They are now relaxing out in the back yard with their play tents.  Kind of weird not hearing any squealing going on.  Maybe it will be another early bedtime night again!!  

Toodles Noodles!   :)


  1. Sounds like you guys have been having some serious fun! I haven't flown a kite in years. What fun it was. :-)

  2. We used to fly kites with the kids. We are still having some cold weather here. It even snowed on Sunday. Enjoy your week.