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24 April 2009

Flowers, packing and crochet! All in one day!!

I think today will be the quickest post so far.  I had to show of  some of the wonderful tulips that are blooming in my yard right now.  Gorgeous!!  They make me happy when I peek out a window to get a quick dose of springtime color.  :)

  We getting ready to go visit so dear friends of ours for a wee bit.  We have know them since we were in the military.  We are all a bunch of goof balls when we get together.  No telling what trouble we will get into.  We can't even have a decent game of cribbage when we get together because we start goofing off and end up laughing so hard that our face and sides hurt.  It's a zoo!!  :)  And we have a huge list of things to see and do while visiting with them.  We will need a vacation from vacation when we get back!!!  LOL!!!
I did get started on Brenna's sweater last night.  It goes a wee but faster then Em because hers is smaller and I know the pattern now. :)  Brenna kept making little trips around where I was sitting just to see how much I had done from time to time.  She gets a big smile on her face and then goes wandering again or looks for a book to "read" while sitting next to me.  I will bring this on the trip so that I can finish it and she will be able to wear hers like Em.

I'm not sure how often I will be able to post while on our trip.  I hope to do a few and show pics of where we are.  No promises though with the list of things to do that we have.  The girls keep adding things as the days go by.  I'm tired already just thinking about it all.  So you will just have to skip by and see if I stopped in for a quick bit.  Off to finish getting last minute things ready!

Keep creating and finding things that make you happy while I am gone.  
Take Care!!



  1. Have a great time, look forward to hearing about what you got up to!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Beatiful tulips mine are almost over now ...have fun Love Kieren x

  3. Kar love the tulips. And I especially love the color you chose for you daughters sweater..that is so cute that she keeps smiling to herself :)

    That sounds like so much fun meeting with old friends. Tom just taught me how to play cribbage while we where in Aruba.

  4. Tulips! That's one (among many) flowers I've never grown yet I think they are gorgeous. I remember looking at bulb catalogs dreaming about where I'd plant them...but never ordered. I think it's the digging them up every fall that keeps steering me away from them.

    Enjoy your visit!

  5. Oh the sweater is coming along nicely. And I love that shade of pink.

    Have fun. See you when you return!

    Libby :-)

  6. Beautiful sweaters. I am sure the girls are very proud. I finally had a chance today to catch up on all your posts. Looks like you have been very busy and having great fun! Enjoy your vacation! See you when you return. Liz

  7. Your sweater is looking fabulous!! I am completely jealous of your abilities :)

  8. Your tulips are delightful!! I sure hope you have a wonderful time and a safe trip!! Looking forward to your pics!!