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02 April 2009

The end is in sight!! (for the bag :D )

This has been one weird week for me.  Just not in the normal swing of things with not feeling well in the beginning and then not "picking up the pace" all too fast yet.  Can't wait really for the "dancing around the house" mood comes back.  Things just seem more lively and cheery when we are all in the mood to listen to music and bee-bop around getting "things" done.  Yesterday didn't help much with the girls check-ups.  Yes, there were shots involved.  Em with 1 and poor little Brenna with 5!!!!!  She has been cuddly every since.  As we were walking out of the Dr's office, she made sure I understood that she did not want to go back any time soon and that we needed to go look for Daddy for hugs and kisses, being we were right down the road from his route (post office).  So luckily we found Daddy finishing up at the end of the day and he was able to give his little "squeakers" big hugs and kisses.  At least she stopped crying afterwards.  But babying the legs didn't stop until bed time.  Today she is better, but still reminds everyone to stay clear of the legs.  :)  Then there was the trip to the store afterwards to get some good ole' yummies like mac & cheese, ice cream, etc. to make one feel better.
At least the day before the girls worked on a cute little craft project while I was still feeling icky.  No big messes and easy to make.  I think we will try to make some more to have more color around the house.  They look nice in the windows but the girls wanted some more dangly stuff on the dining room light.  :)  To cute!!

Then there was yummy banana bread.  Not much left.  This always make me feel better when I'm in a funk.  No, I didn't eat that much.  I have had help.  :)  I'll post my recipe some time this weekend.  Speaking of recipes, I can't wait until the banana bread is gone and I can make Liz's recipe for the Lemon Supreme Pound Cake.  Yes, you guessed it!  While at the store yesterday, we made sure we had all the ingredients to make it this weekend.  I can't pass up any kind of lemon cake.  YUMMO!!!!
After all the comfort food was eaten, there was lots of cuddling going on while watching a little ones favorite show.  It just breaks my heart to see my little peeps so upset.  We just had to keep reminding her that we had it done to make sure she doesn't get any bad stuff that could hurt her later.  She understood and told Glenn and I thanks for loving her so much.  I had to wipe tears from my eyes.  She is such a little punkin'!  :)

After the peeps were put to bed, the yarn came out and the handles were started and finished!!  Happy days!!  I was quite excited, even though I didn't get up to dance about it.  I know, not like me.   
As of this afternoon, I have the fabric pinned to the handles and they are ready for sewing.  I always "line" my handles just to make sure they don't stretch out of shape.  Some time this afternoon the bag will be DONE!!!!  
Then patterns will be cut out for the girls' outfits.  They have decided that they want the dresses first so they can wear them for Easter.  Then after that I will attempt to start the making of their spring/summer sweaters from the Topsy Turvy book I got a few weeks ago.  I got the yarn I ordered for them yesterday.  Can you believe I forgot to snap a picture of the two beautiful colors to share with you?  Awful, I know.  Tomorrow for sure!  :)

Well, I am hearing thunder booming outside and some pea sized hail is coming down.  That's about the only size we get around here, so nothing to panic about.  It surely isn't anything like the softball sized hail we would get when we were stationed in New Mexico!  YIKES!!!  Scared the jeepers out of me.  And I grew up in southern Texas where you got  hail quite often, but nothing that big!  Anyhoo, I'm hoping Glenn isn't going to get soaked in the down pour that looks to be heading this way.  Off to get dinner finished and then on to finishing the bag!!!!  YIPEE!!!!!  Pictures tomorrow!!!  Oh the suspense.  hehehe!!!

Toodles all!!!

(Libby, I still haven't found any good recipes in my books yet.  Still looking! :)  )


  1. Hi! It takes a while for that old cold stuff to leave the body. Hope you get to feeling better. Five shots! That's a lot. My little one goes in to the doctor tomorrow. I think she gets three shots. Can't wait.

  2. Don't worry about me. Please be well soon. I can wait. Meanwhile I'll make what I know. Plus CT and misliz gave me two recipes to try. I think I need a couple of blueberries. Hummm....

  3. The pound cake looks yummy and so does the makings of your bag...I can't wait to see it done. I hope you get to starting feeling 100% soon.

  4. I love the flowers the girls made! Tell them to come make me some. ;o Oh I like your idea of lining your handles. I will try that with the next bag I make, if I remember. ;o Hope you are back to your old self real soon.

  5. Kar~
    Kiss those sweet little girls for me and tell Brenna I hope her legs are all better now!
    I can't wait to see the finished bag! Even though you weren't quite upto dancing around in your excitement, if I know you, you were at least peeing your pants!!!