"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

22 April 2009

One sweater finished and one more to go!!!

The last couple of days have found me to be busy juggling my time with things I want to do and things that have to be done.  More yard work was done.  I don't think it ever really gets done to my liking.  Always wanting to change things.  That's why you are never sure what will be growing in my yard from one year to the next.  One day I will figure it all out and leave things alone.  :)

The one thing that I really love are my little yard animals.  They are the only constant in this mad little world of mine.  I've had my beloved little pigs so long that I may have to "refinish" them so they stay around longer.  They are hilarious and make me smile every time I go out in the back yard.  Nothing like one piggy doing a jig and the other two busting a gut over it.  LOL!!!

I'm not sure I could pick a favorite of these little guys.  They are all too ridiculous!  And yes, that is the little piggy's tail in this pic.  I was told by the other grown up in this house that it didn't look like it in this pic.  Out of the gutter please!  I won't have that with my little piggies.  :)

On a complete spur of the moment last night (8pmish), there were three people outside on the deck enjoying the lovely weather we had for the day.  I was scared to death when all three of them stormed into the house demanding that we all get in the truck and head for the hills for the sunset NOW!!!!  You should have seen this mad woman running around the house closing windows (don't want burglars feeling too welcome) and running out to the driveway in two minutes flat carrying my bag, camera, and shoes in hand.  Haven't moved that fast since the military during a recall to the base!  I was quite impressed with myself.

Anyhoo,  we headed up to the hills just north of the house (a few minutes drive) and this is what we were able to enjoy!  Man, I really do love living in this place.  Believe me when I say that I had issues with this area before.  Who knows.  I believe some of it was my fault of letting other peoples opinions cloud my "mind" and not to mention that I was having issues with a few things that were also clouding my over all judgement of the place we chose to live.  There was a reason we moved back here after the military and this is one of those reasons.

I can not tell you what it does to my soul when we go on this little excursions.  It settles me in a way.  I snapped a few pics.  Over 50 to be precise and then I  just sat on the hill and listened to the breezes that were coming across the grasses and feeling them on my face.  Pure peace.  We heard a few coyotes in the distance talking to each other.  Beautiful sound I tell you.  Just as long as they don't get too close to me, I'm okay.  :)  There is a smidge of calmness that comes over me while taking in all of this absolutely simple beauty.  Makes one wonder if this is how the pioneers of years before felt when they came out to this area of our country.  Jealous I am.  We watched the sun go completely down and then noticed that up north of us in the hills there was a wee thunderstorm happening and sat and watched the bits of lightening that were popping about along the hills.  A very pretty sight.  The girls thought that was so awesome.  They were also amazed at all the little holes in the ground they kept finding while up in the hills.  It was funny listening to them talking about what they thought lived in the holes and Brenna even asked if the have lights down there since it was getting dark out.  Hilarious!!  Love those moments.  Moments like that makes everything you do worth it, doesn't it.  You just want to squeeze them.  :)

So after being out in the hills for about an hour, there wasn't much time for anything back at home other than hitting the showers, brushing the teefers, doing our bedtime rituals (drinks, animals, songs from Dad, hugs and kisses) and straightening a few things up.  So what did I do at the crack of dawn this morning?  Why head right to the family room and sit down to finish the edging on Em's sweater!  It really turned out nice and she loved trying it on after getting dressed for the day.  It made Brenna want hers even more.  So later tonight that is what I will be starting on.  At least this time I won't be having a "Westinghouse" moment while looking at the pattern.  I've got it down pat now!

Must be on my way for the day.  Lots of other wonderful things to do on the list.  Not all of them are wonderful but such is life.  Trying to get things done inside so that we can hit the outdoors again for the majority of the day.  Most of it to be in the garden area, getting it ready for some FaNtAbUlOsO homegrown veggies this summer.  Gotta love those big juicy tomatoes!  The top veggie on my list!  I'm drooling thinking about all the FAB tomato sandwiches I will be having this summer!  YUMMO!!!  

Have an absolute FAB day all!  Find one thing that makes you smile today and enjoy it all day long!!!



  1. Isn't it wonderful to do spur of the moment things and it certainly looks like it was worth it. What wonderful views!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Hi hunni

    By you leaving a comment, does that mean you want to take part in the swap? Perhaps you can send some of that lovely rainbow cake for R 'hehe'
    Beki xxx

  3. Sigh! I feel like I just watched that sunset with you.

    What a pretty sweater and it fits so well. Beautiful for springtime.

  4. Love piggies, you notice I didn't say Pigs! I just came back from Aruba and I tell you the sunsets where amazing! That howling really scares me, we have coyotes around here and I am terrified of them...and I love animals but I saw what one did to a woman when I worked in the ER. I use to love listening to my kids play..house, school ....it was so cute...some of the things they would say. I remember one time bringing my so to McDonalds and I asked him what he wanted and he said a Cheese Burger with no cheese, no mustard, and no RICE......he meant ONIONS...he thought those little tiny onions on the burger was rice....I cracked up and said honey I think you want a hamburger with just ketchup.

    Love the sweater it looks very pretty no wonder why the other one wants hers asap.

    Happy Earth Day

  5. Oh those are beautiful sunsets. You can't see them like that here - too many things in the way. I don't know why exactly, but maybe it was your brief mention of prairie days that made me think of the novel we're reading now that I want to recommend to Em: The Ballad of Lucy Whipple. It's not a "prairie" book, but is during the time of the Gold Rush. My kids are loving it.

    * I adore the sweater. I would be hurrying mine along too if I were Brenna. :-)

  6. The piggies are just adorable. Lovely sunset and the sweater is very pretty.