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17 April 2009

Someone is 5 today!!!

Today we are celebrating Miss Brenna's 5th birthday in our little world (the zoo).  I'm having a bit of a hard time with it I must admit.  It seems like yesterday we were told that we were expecting her.  Yes, a total surprise!  A story for another time. :)  Then 5 years ago we were rushing to the hospital, hoping I wouldn't have her in the car.  My water broke and not much happened for a few hours, not even one contraction.  The nurses hooked up the patocin because my water broke and nothing was happening.  After a few hours of that, Brenna made a BIG shift off of my right side and all YOU KNOW WHAT broke loose!  She was laying just right to where the patocin was not getting through to where it should have been until she moved.  :)  Little stinker!  Well, I was only in labor for less than an hour to say the least.  Thank goodness my doctor lived a few blocks from the hospital.  I had to have FAST epidural just so I could breathe.  The contractions were so strong and fast they took my breath away.  There wasn't even time to put the meds through the IV, they went straight into the port in my back.  Good thing because Brenna wasn't waiting by this time.  Poor Glenn was even nudged out of the way a few times.  :)  No playing around I tell you!   Everything went way fast but ended up well in the end.  That is how things have been ever since Brenna arrived.  Fast and furious!  And look at all the fun I've been having since!  Wouldn't trade her for the world!!  She is my spunky one!  :)

Well, yesterday was spent doing a few short lessons and then it was getting down to business with baking a special cake for one little girl.   She had to have a rainbow cake when all was said and done.  Wasn't sure how it would turn out, but it went well.  I can't remember where I saw the idea (sorry).  But it definitely is colorful!!  Just mix up one box of cake mix by the directions.  Divide the batter out into bowls for how ever many colors you want.  Add the color and mix.  Then start placing the colors one at a time, on top of each other,  into the pans.  Then take a knife or skewer to do a FEW swirls in the batter and bake.  That is it.  

This is how it looks before baking:

And this after:  :)  It is different!!  But Brenna loves it!  That is what matters.  :)

Then after adding her favorite flavor of frosting, TADA!!!  She's been eyeballing this thing since yesterday afternoon.  I'm hoping she can hold out till after dinner.  :)

I had to share SOME of my favorite photos of my little cutie patootie with everyone.  I could just squeeze her!  I get all emotional whenever I look at all 3 of my little punkins pictures.  Yes, even Brendon.  I just wish there was a way to keep them at the age where they are all cuddly and huggy for a long time.  And who can resist the most wonderful baby smells in the world!  There are some we could do without, but when they are all clean cuddly they all have the best smell about them.  :)  I can't help but remember the little looks I got, the coo's, the giggles, the first steps, getting into things, etc.  All a blast to me.
Enjoy the pics of my now 5 yr. old.  She is a one of my big blessings in life!  

enjoying her favorite treats
zooming around running into everyone

helping out with baking

loving the dirt

trying to hide with moose
celebrating the 4th of July

exploring the North Shore, MN
loving the snow

checking out ALL the roses at the rose garden

another grand hike in the mountains
having a blast at the pumpkin patch

just being her cute little self

Well, I must be going to see what the birthday girl is up to now.  WHO KNOWS!!  :)  We are off for some lunch, bowling, outside time then dinner and cake.  What more could you ask for?  I did mess up yesterday and made her most favorite dinner yesterday (meatloaf, mash potatoes and corn).  So I have to make sure I have everything to make cheeseburgers, ranchy noodles and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers (the second fav).  

Hope everyone has a FAbuLouS  weekend!  We will be enjoying our family and our lovely weather here.  Don't take your family for granted.  Ever.  :)



  1. I do the same things for my kids! Favorite meals and their choice of cake etc. Birthdays are so fun. And stressful too! :)

  2. Happy birthday, Brenna! Love the cake, hope it taste yummy. Have a wonderful day.

  3. I had to stop in before I left. Happy Birthday to Brenna. She is beautiful Kar...Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to be able to do some blogging while I'm away.
    The cake looks yummy...My kids always wanted a "special" cake for their birthdays.

  4. Happy B-Day Big Girl !!! My baby is 20 yrs old........it definitely goes my fast...! My nest is empty and it has taken sometime to get use to but I find this is just another season of my life ......and 5 will be another season of lil b's life.....elementary school, new friends...!!! That cake looks yummy!!!

  5. Happy Birthday little one, hope you enjoy your rather delicious looking cake.
    Have lots of fun!
    Beki xxx

  6. Happy Birthday Cutie Patootie!!!! I sure wish my baby was 5 years old again. Love the cake. I hope you take pictures after you cut into it.

  7. Happy birthday Brenna, I wouldn't mind some of that cake. Message for mummy, thanks for your kind words that you left on my blog,Its nice to know that someone out there in blog land is following my blog, lots of pictures of projects to come so pleeease keep reading it