"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

03 August 2011

Keeping busy...

Things have been slow around here the last week.  No complaints here.  Just plugging through day to day things and offering helpful advice to someone working on a crochet blanket for the fair.  Pics of that coming very soon. 

Then there is dealing with the a/c not working during our hottest time of the year.  Wonderful.  Not.  It always happens when you need it most.  I'm just hoping it's a easy fix today so it can get running again.  I don't deal with issues like this very well when it starts costing lots of money.

So to keep my mind off of sweating to death and dishing out more money than I would care for, I have been busy working on a quilt.

Lots of 1 1/4" squares
 matched with a bunch of  2 1/2" squares
have now turned into 42 big coordinating colored squares
 so that they can soon be turned into something like this.
 I really, really, really like working on projects from this book by Camille.
 Now I must go place myself in front of the fan before I get too cranky from all this 'wonderful' heat.
Wonderful my foot.
Bring back spring!!!!


  1. You have such will-power. Even in the heat, you create such lovely things. Looking forward to seeing your fair blanket.

  2. I am sorry about the heat:(
    Not very fun to have to pay for something that should just turn on and work, really, I mean, we only ask them to work a few months out of a year!
    I hope it gets fixed soon.
    The quilt is looking lovely, I cant wait to see it and also the fair blanket.
    Stay Cool, friend!

  3. Oh man. I am so sorry about your AC.
    I hope it all gets to going real
    soon for you. :o)
    Your blocks are adorable!
    I can hardly wait to start sewing
    again! :o) My nose has been in books
    as of late and ready to tap into a little
    Have a wonderful rest of your week.
    Sincerely, Trish

  4. Love all the little squares...some day you'll be enjoying covering yourself with the quilt to ward off the chill in the air...until then -

    stand with the refrigerator door open (just don't let the children see:-)

  5. The quilt is going to be gorgeous!

    I can't believe you are without AC. I know you are as warm there as we are here and I have to say -- I'd be at the mall or somewhere else nice and cool. Just go find you a bench there and knit. ;-)

  6. On NO i hope your air gets fixed quickly, its to hot not have the dang thing working. Nothing like a new sewing project to take your mind the heat. Love the pattern you chose for your quilt. Happy sewing and stay cool buddy!

  7. I know what you're dealing with Karfee!! Years ago our air went out in August and we simply didn't have the money to replace it! We did without...and it was really hard the first couple of days, but definitely got easier. Our summers down here last into November, so it was definitely interesting!

    Hope you get it worked out soon!
    Your quilt looks like it will be another masterpiece!! Can't wait to see it all done!

    Have a fab weekend...stay cool!

  8. So many tiny squares! I said never again after my vibrant-Amish-styled one. Nothing under 4 inches for me. Stay cool....Fans do work, but my kids insist they don't and want that air going full-blast all summer.

  9. So sorry about your A/C. We got a swamp cooler last year to cool our house and it has made a huge difference! Our power bill is next to nothing and the only problem we have is how cold to make the house. It feels weird to me to wear a sweater in August and sleep under down comforters but my husband likes it cold and with this cooler he sure got it :).