"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

14 November 2010

Enjoying the quiet...

So the plan was to get started on a hat for Glenn but a certain little person (Em) had other plans for me.  She wanted to make a turkey decoration on her own, but needed Mom's help because she didn't even know where to begin.  Once things got rolling I was cutting out fabric to make one for Brenna.  She can't be left out you know.

So after a little bit of thinking and designing,
some cutting and sewing,
 and having the ever important M&M's near by,
(they help with the imagination and the determination to keep going until the project is finished.)
(at least that's what I'm going with.)
things started to take shape.
But the hours got late and I had to finally call it a night.
 Up early at 0630 hrs because I just couldn't sleep anymore.  The eyes and face were all that needed to be finished.
And we now have a cute little guy to brighten the place up for the upcoming holiday.
I'm sure he's glad he won't be on the menu next week.
Talking about next weeks menu, I have all my shopping finished also.  I got a 20lb turkey for just $9!
I'm tooting my horn over that snag.  Toot Toot!!

Around mid morning I made sure I started on the hat so that no one would come up and ask me to help start something else.  Em is still working on her bird and it's looking nice so far.  I'm determined to have this hat finished sometime this week because I have got to get some other little things finished for Christmas gifts.  The idea I have for the gifts doesn't seem too hard to accomplish.  You know I just jinxed myself.
The little snacky feelings are taking over me so I must go into the kitchen and root around the refrigerator and pig out on some awesome homemade guacamole and warm chips.  And whatever else I find to chow down on while watching the rain fall on this cool, damp Fall day.



  1. I'm sure he's happy not to be on the menu as well...He turned out cute. Can't wait to see the hat you're making.

  2. Super cute turkey / header! I love him. Cdn thanksgiving already whizzed by without crafting in my house. Such a lost opportunity!

  3. I am getting to my comments right away here as I am still really busy at work and finishing a course. I keep forgetting it is thanksgiving coming up in the U.S. I am already thinking Christmas :) What a cute turkey :)

  4. That turkey is adorable. And it looks like a fun project to jump into. I think your rain is heading to NYS tonight. I'll have to snuggle in with some crocheting. By the way, you inspired me with your doily from your last post. I made myself one (your's is prettier -- but I'm experimenting and getting the hang of it). Thanks!

  5. I Love the turkey! It is so nice to have someone to craft with, I will love when Charli is a little older and we can do more! I like Gummy Lifesavers to help my creative juices, LOL!

  6. Your turkey is extremely cute :)

  7. Love the new header! **toot toot** Mr Turkey came out darling. No doubt he's happy not to be on the menu. Crafting with the kids is so fun love the m&m's sitting there.

  8. That turkey is adorable! Ooh, double pointed needles. I purchased a pair when I bought those bamboo circulars to make the neckwarmer, but I haven't been brave enough to try them. Been reading and visualizing so one day I'll give it a try!

  9. Haha, cute turkey! If we had some celebration that involved them, I would ask you to make one like that for me without doubts. :-)

  10. Your turkey is adorable! What a great decoration for November. I love it.

  11. The Turkeys are AWESOME!
    What fun!
    OOOooo, Kar, I LOVE guacamole!
    I seriously could live off the stuff!