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28 October 2010

A little stroll...

Yesterday was such a nice day.  
Way too nice to stay locked up in the house.
So everyone grabbed coats and we went down to the trail next to the river.
And let's not forget the ever important leaf bags for colorful treasures.
 All the trees are looking spectacular now.
The river still sounds peaceful.
 Snow is starting to appear on the mountains above us.
Which is way earlier than usual for around here.
 The girls were keeping their eyes open for their favorite little find while out on Fall walks.
These orange and black striped guys never disappointment and make a great show for the girls.
Each fuzzy little guy gets moved off the trail though so that they don't get stepped on by someone who isn't paying attention.  Don't want that happening.
Eyes were watching for bright bursts of color down the trail.
There were the ever popular gorgeous red leaves to be seen here and there.
Samples were taken.
Then down to a spot next to the river to see what was going on.
Yes, rocks were thrown.

 Some ducks were spotted enjoying the last little bits of 'duck salad' before it all freezes up soon.
There were lots of chickadees flying around but none wanted their pictures taken this day.
Then back home it was after a few hours of enjoyment for wonderful, yummy, warm chili and cornbread.
The best after a Fall stroll amongst all the leaves.
Let's not forget some ever important and enjoyable reading and yarn time after everyone got into warm jammies and snuggled under blankets for the evening.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the wonderful bits of Fall where ever you are.


  1. It´s so wonderful where you live!

  2. Thanks for taking me along. Our snow melted as soon as the sun came out so a nice stroll with the fall colors should be on our agenda too -- before they are all gone. Have a great day, Kar.

  3. What a beautiful place to stroll. Not too many days left to be able to do this, soon the snow will be here.

  4. Hi!

    Don't you just love the colors in Fall? It's great to take a walk, look at the colors and think, " Those Colors Would Look Great in In An Afghan etc. "

    ~ Susan

  5. Isn't fall wonderful! It is my favorite time of year. The colors, the cooler weather, everything! Great photos too. I like your new look :)

  6. Fall is my favorite time of year.. I love these photos..I envy your life! Here in Florida there is no such thing as fall..Heat then some cold, not real cold..I miss that about NJ is the weather changes!

  7. Sounds great! Love those snow-capped mountains.

  8. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like a really fun day in a really fun spot. My boys would have been overjoyed to see some caterpillars. My six-year-old was telling me the other day how amazing it is that caterpillars go into their raccoons and turn into butterflies :) Great new header too!

  9. What a lovely day. Fall is such a pretty time to be out!

  10. Warm chili and cornbread -- now that sounds like a perfect ending to a fall day.

  11. What a beautiful time you shared with us. :o) I can almost hear the ripples of the river flowing by. :o) Thank you for sharing such a beautiful day.
    Sincerely - Trish