"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

01 October 2010

Feeling better...

This week has been a bit trying to say the least.

Tuesday morning I started feeling a bit crummy with a scratchy throat.  But after I few shots of Zicam, that all went away.  The stuffy head and nose decided to hang out for a few days. Wonderful.  I haven't had a cold in so long that I forgot how awful they make you feel.  Wednesday absolutely nothing got accomplished around here.  Thanks goodness the laundry had been all caught up.  Dinner that night was just whatever one could find and throw together quickly.  One dose of Nyquil so I could sleep and Thursday was a better day.  Not that anything amazing got accomplished but I felt better.  Which was saying alot compared to the two days before.

My little helpers were wonderful to me while I wasn't feeling tip top.  They always want to help.  All of these veggies were gathered from the garden yesterday afternoon by them.
 The garden didn't do as well as last year.  We are going to have to 'rethink' a few things mainly because our neighbors have this tree that is starting to shade out our garden space.  
Is it bad to wish a tree would go away because it's ruining your garden?
I'm thinking not.

Sometime yesterday it hit me that I had not made any pumpkin hats for the little ones in the family for this year.  It's their 1st Fall you know.  How awful to go through life knowing that you were not properly accessorized for the season.  So I started on that yesterday evening and one is nearly finished already.  It's so darn cute and easy.  Itty Bitty Hats.  The best book for cute hats for little ones.
 I had made progress on my sweater before the 'lets feel like crap' thing started.  I finally made it to the point of holding the stitches for the sleeves and then connecting to finish the body.  I can't to finish it.  And the weather seems like it will finally start cooperating with sweater wearing by getting into the Fall temps next week with highs only getting into the 60's.  I'm excited.
Bring it on Mother Nature!  I'm ready!!!
 I'm trying not to overdue things today while feeling better.  I must pace myself so that I don't get worn out before I go the quilters preview party I was invited too.  I'm so excited that my friend Stephanie (who works at The Quilt Crossing, that is on Glenn's mail route) was kind enough to include me in on this.  It's my first time at an invitation only event.  Hopefully I won't embarrass myself too badly.  :)
My little invitation is patiently waiting for my to grab it and head out the door this evening.
Love that little ornament that was made to go with the invitations.
Must be off to the store.
I have been informed that we are at the danger level of running out of milk.
And that is not good around this house.  People wouldn't know how to function without it.

Here's to a much better weekend ahead!
I need it.



  1. Oh,no!
    SO sorry that you have been feeling yucky!
    I hope that you continue to feel better quick.
    The sweater is gorgous already and that color yellow is just stunning!
    Cant wait to see the little pumpkin hats:)
    Have a great weekend,Kar

  2. I hope you are feeling better! I think we visit many of the same blogs, I often see your name when I leave a comment and often you say just what I was thinking! I thought I'd stop by and say hi.
    The pumpkin hats are adorable!

  3. It must be going around cause I've been sneezing and my throat feels a bit sore. I hope you're feeling better. Oh, the hat is going to be sooooo cute. I love the sweater color. I've been really into sewing and knitting lately...Maybe because I've put it away for so long.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Doesn't being ill make you appreciate good health so much more.
    I love the little pumpkin hats. You must be a fast knitter.
    I hope you enjoyed your quilters party.

  5. Hi Kar. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, but glad to hear you're doing a bit better today :) I usually get one cold per year right around this time, so I'm waiting for it! I LOVE little pumpkin hats. Wish I was good at hat making. Mine either are too small or too big. They're never quite right. Grrrr.

    Your quilt preview sounds so fun. Enjoy!

  6. Happy October....can you believe it! October already. I need to get the pumpkins out on the doorstep! Hope you feel better. Be thankful something grew in your garden - we had no summer and it was dismal around here. Happy weekend.

  7. hi kar,
    i hope you are feeling better now.your knitting projekts on the needle looks great.
    have a nice weekend my friend,
    bear hugs regina

  8. Hope you're feeling much better now too, Kar. Sometimes we just need a break. (*I took a "nap" last night that resulted in me waking up at 6 a.m. on Saturday!!! Some nap. lol) Love your knit projects. I bought some circulars and hope sometime before the year is over to have finished something worth sharing. :-D

  9. Awww, I hate colds. So lame. I had a sore throat this week for a few days and it really messed up my productivity too.

    Those veggies are GORGEOUS! I am super jealous. I've decided that you officially become a grownup when gardening becomes appealing and fresh veggies are exciting. Having some planter boxes is on my to-do list for next year.

    The dresses are adorable and I love the orange hat. I'm so impressed with knitters. I've tried several books and sat down several times to try and learn, and it's just not jelling for me. I can crochet, but knitting seems very out of my league.

  10. Hi Kar! Hope you are feeling better. I am loving the pumpkin colors in your hat and sweater. Very pretty!