"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

27 September 2010

Hoping for a slow day...

It's been busy around here the entire weekend.
I had a hard time getting up this morning.
All I wanted to do was stay snuggled up in bed.
There were no thoughts about getting going on the to do list for today.

Let's see what got accomplished on the past few days though...

I finally finished the girls' dresses that I had bought this lovely fabric for.
Can't believe I waited this long to get them made.
But there are no complaints because the weather has been warm here all weekend and they are enjoying them now.

Friday there was some planting going on in the new flower bed.  I just couldn't stand seeing bare dirt anymore and had to buy some color to pretty it up a bit.  Bulbs still need to be planted but I have to wait until I go get some chicken wire to put down over the bulbs so the pesky yard rats (squirrels) won't dig them up and eat them.  Or move them to other places in the yard.  It very aggravating to see bulbs growing out in the middle of the yard when you know you never put anything there.
You must excuse this pic.  I was lazy and took it through the window of the craft room this morning.  I didn't think the neighbors would appreciate the 'crazy woman with the camera' out in the yard in pj's first thing in the morning.  ;)

Saturday started out very well with the most beautiful sunrise we've had in a while.
Blue and Orange.
It must have been a good luck sign that our BSU Broncos were going to win their game later that night.
There was a trip to the store to get all the essential goodies that is needed for a football game.
There was plenty of yelling, eating and jumping up and down going on during this game.
I'm not a big football fan, but I can't help but watch our hometown boys.
They are the only team I will watch football for.

There was some casting on late Thursday for a new sweater for me.  Just a top down ragland.  Simple but I like it.  I'm loving the color alot.  It's a big change for me as far as Fall colors are concerned for me.  I thought to myself, "Self, why don't you make something that is a bit more colorful than the normal, darker, Fall colors you wear?"  So I decided to listen to myself and pick a lovely yellow in honor of all the gorgeous yellowy, golden leaves that will soon be on the ground.
I thought I was doing pretty darn good and was quite please with my progress.
Until I realized that I had not been increasing every other row (like the pattern says) and was increasing EVERY row.  So I had to rip it back to where I connected the front and start that part over.
Here's a little tip for you...
Read the pattern and remember what you read.
It really helps alot!

I was a little miffed over the whole thing but I'm glad I realized the error then and not later.  You would have heard some yelling then instead of the little huff and puffs I was doing yesterday.

Off to start lessons now.  Nobody is wanting to get moving for the day as you can tell.  I'm just glad that Monday's schedule is never too taxing on the brain.  That would not be good to start the day like that.  
Especially today.



  1. The girls dresses are beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing your sweater when it's done.

  2. That heaven picture is really heavenly beautiful :) Nothing can match nature in colours!

  3. LOVE those dresses,they are about as darling as the girls who wear them!
    I am not a big football fan either,but you are right,when our "boys" are playing,we have to watch:)
    The Yellow sweater is going to be stunning!

  4. Hope you have a good day! It's too hot here to do anything outside so I'm staying inside and working in the office where there is always something that needs to be done. I love the girls dresses....they look so cute in them!

  5. The dresses are darling Kar! They look similar the the dresses I had made awhile back for the granddaughters. Doesn't that make you mad to have to rip, I just hate it when I do things like that.

  6. What lovely things you create Kar. You're so inspiring. I think I'd just through my knitting needles across the room if I'd done that! LOVE the dresses!

  7. Oh, Kar, I'm glad you caught the sweater mistake earlier. There would be lots of ranting...I think I would hear it from here. lol

    Love the dresses!

    I am planning a class project that you and your girls might be interested in. I'll blog about it soon.

  8. The dresses are adorable! If you are like me it is rare when we knit something for ourselve so I am exceited for you and your new sweater to be. Thank goodness you caught your mistake early...phew... I am looking forward to seeing it finished. Happy knitting

  9. "crazy lady"? Don't you realize that you are just "eccentric"? For real. That's how I prefer to think of myself, anyway.

    I hate making those kinds of mistakes. They make you just want to slap yourself. Which is not eccentric, but crazy.