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16 September 2010

Yard pretties...

 There are now lots of decisions to be made about what exactly will be going into the new flower bed we dug up last weekend.  I know there will be Zinnia's and Black Eye Susan's for sure but more choices need to be made so it will have a 'farmhouse style' look to it.  If anyone has any other suggestions, please share.  I'm having a bit of 'gardeners block' right now.

At least my new moose from the Art in the Park will be hanging out there amongst all the pretty blooms.
Everyone here is in love with him.  For the time being, he is hanging out amongst all the lovely dirt.  But soon I hope there will be some Fall blooms out there mingling with him.
 Along with the girls little yard pretties.
I just love the colors that the little snail and dragonfly have.
The stained glass is gorgeous.
 Right now I'm really loving my Zinnia's in all their glory.
I just can't help but smile every time I look their way.
 There will definitely be more of them popping up around here next year.
I'm hoping to get alot of the muscle work done this Fall so by next spring I can just throw seeds out and start enjoying.
On to the cuddly news, Bella Bunny is now finished.
All packaged up and just waiting patiently to be sent off to her new owner.
I'm so glad I went for the sock yarn on the ears to give a pop of color to her.
It's so pretty.
Let's not forget the matching tail to finish things off.
Next on the list...
a sewing project  that has been patiently waiting on the side lines while other projects pushed it aside like it wasn't important or something.


  1. I wish I could suggest something, but my husband is the green thumb in this family :) Your flowers are lovely though.

  2. I love zinnias!! Maybe Purple Coneflower (echinacea)? Or daisies. Bachelor buttons? And your bunny is adorable.

  3. I'd go for daisies too, I just love them. But as I am a city girl I can't give you any serious advice. lol
    Bella Bunny turned out to be a cute little thing! I love the matching ears and tail. :-)

  4. I love your moose, he's so cute. I would put black eyed susan's and my favorite flower the coneflower :)
    Bella bunny turned out wonderful!

  5. The bunny is too cute for words. Love that tail!

  6. Hello my new friend, my name is Barbara I seen your blog over at Karen's thought I would stop by and say hi, and introduce my self. I love your yard decor, it is really pretty, and that moose is to die for, love him very much, my dh would love him too, so if you get time stop by my blog and sit a spell with me, the tea is always on.
    Hugs and Blessings, Barbara from

  7. Bella Bunny is amazing! Makes me want to have stuffed animals all over again. Yours are so much nicer than what I ever had. :-)

  8. I left you an award on my blog. :-)

  9. I planted Zinnia's for the first time this year and I'm loving them too! Out of all our seeds, we only got one plant, but it's gigantic so I'm sort of relieved none of the others grew. It would have been like the grapes of wrath around here. That bunny is too cute, you are very talented!

  10. hi kar,
    loveley bunny!!!!
    best wishes from a sunny germany,