"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

13 September 2010

Lots of stuff...

Lots of things going on this past weekend.

The little cuddly is moving right along.
It's just a matter of putting all the pieces together now.
Kind of makes me feel like 'Dr. Frankenstein'.  ;)

There was a lot of yard work going on Saturday.
Brendon came over to help so it wouldn't take too long.
Do those words even sound right together.
Yard work.
Not taking too long.
For those that know him, quick yard work is just not part of his thinking.
There is always some stopping going on to goof off and then afterwards the complaining that the yard work is taking too long.
I just don't get it.
My thought was quit goofing off, but who am I to be thinking that.
Then there was Dogzilla to contend with.
Chasing after the hose and trying to kill it, pouncing on 'stuff' in the dirt, running like a spaz around the yard and trying to kill oneself by running at break neck speeds while on the leash and then coming to the end of the leash.
Again, who am I to ask.
Isn't there a saying that dogs resemble their owners after awhile.
Just remember it's not my dog.
At least that project is all done for now thank goodness but next time I'm not sure I will be asking for help.

Sunday was a lovely day with part of it being spent at the Boise Art Museum's Art in the Park.
It's our favorite thing to do in September every year.
Love it!
We always go on the last day, early in the morning when prices have been marked down and there are less people to deal with.
There was some good munchies to be sampled.  Pronto pups and strawberry lemonade were on my list of tasties.  Lots of art work we couldn't afford, and a few little treasures that were found to be brought home.
Pictures of all that next time.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend.
What did you all do?



  1. I love to look at things even if I can't buy it. It's fun to "window" shop. I can't wait to see the little cuddly when it's done.

  2. What a fun weekend!
    I saw them talking about Art in the Park,I have never been,but I love events like that,you never know what treasures you will find!
    Your "cuddly" is cute already!
    Cant wait to see him when he is finished!
    Have a super Monday,Kar!

  3. I attended a christening party and somehow managed to fall sick - a complete weekend, huh? ;-)
    Let's see that little monster you are creating!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the cuddly. I hosted a 50th birthday party for a family member.

  5. Hmmm, maybe he can come and do my yard work...tell him to wear warm clothes, it was like 8 degrees today.

  6. Another wonderful adventure! I have been itching to go to some of the events around here, but haven't made it to one yet!

    Looking forward to seeing your little cuddly thing!!
    Love and hugs, Karfeeee!

  7. Looks kinda interesting...all those pieces up there. Like some kind of mad scientist, you are. lol