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07 September 2010

Long weekend...

So, continuing on from where I left off last time...

After leaving the park in the early morning hours on Saturday, it was right back to the house for little ole' me.  I could feel the 'I didn't get enough sleep the night before' feeling and I knew a nap was in store for me.  It never fails.  Every time there is something planned for the next day and getting up early is included in the plans no one lets me sleep around here.  Numerous trips to the bathroom from little people and an occasional 'did you hear that noise' from my dearest, keep me up for most of the night.  So when morning finally comes around for everyone to get moving, I'm having to chug down a big dose of caffeine something or another just to keep from being a big 'grumpy pants' for the rest of the day.  We can't have me ruining the day, can we. 

A nap was had and all was good.  We waited for Glenn to get home so we could all head right back down to the park for more excitement.  Glenn wasn't too thrilled over the trip down there being he just came from that very area from work and we were parking in his work parking lot for the event.  He just can't get away from the place it seems.  :)

Off we were trekking over to the park to see more...

for the Night Glow.
The girls loved the Coke bottle balloon.
I believe they said it was over 6 stories tall and if it were filled with Coke it would hold over 250,000 gallons of the stuff.  That's way too much for me.
Soon after the sun went down over the hill at the park the balloon fans fired up to fill the balloons, about 15 of them, up with air.
Then the burners were fired so that they would stand up.
And soon after that, the show was on.
They all did the popcorn glow where all the burners would go off at different times in little bursts.  Then the wave was pulled off and several other bright glowy bits of things.  It was a good 1/2 hour to 45 minute show.  Well worth the trek down to the park.

The girls were happy to see bright kaleidoscope balloon along side the beloved BSU balloon.
Very cool!
They all looked very awesome with all their colors glowing in the dark.  
It was a wonderful show they had put on for everyone at the park.
Just beautiful!
The long and tiring day was well worth it when we kept hearing all the little oh's, ah's and squeals from two little people that enjoyed every minute of it.

The rest of the weekend was spent trying to recoup from the lack of sleep from the day before and trying to finish a little cuddly.  That was finally accomplished by the end of Sunday.
Meet Percy Pig.
Cute little guy if I must say so myself.
I just had to make him a wee bit different by adding bits of color to him with some gorgeous blue sock yarn in certain little places.
Not to forget the little curly tail you know.
He's so darn cute!

Then while yesterday was happening, I happened to look at the two little sweaters that I had just finished before and just wasn't pleased with them.  I kept worrying about the collar on each of them and did not like how there wasn't a whole lot of stretch in them.  So early this morning I was pulling out the old roll down collars to add ribbed ones.  I don't know why I didn't do this before being that it now matches the rest of the sweater edges and there is a lot more stretch to fit over little ones heads.

So fixed they are and now there is one more cute little cuddly to be made.
More on that next time you visit.

Off to make some yummy baked potato soup.
Just because I'm feeling kind of blah still and I'm thinking a few big bowls of that yummy goodness will just hit the spot.  I'm just in a piggish kind of feeling today for some reason.  ;)


  1. Percy pig is very cute and the little sweaters gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Percy is adorable and the sweaters are darling. Don't you love hot air balloons? I think they are amazing. I love watching them and would love going up in one some day.

  3. I've always wanted to go to a festival in Topeka called Huff and Puff. It's an annual hot air balloon rally. But I've never gone. Balloons fascinate me.

    Your piggy and sweaters are wonderful. Oh, how I wish you and I lived close by and you could teach me :)

  4. The little Percy pig is darling...and wow that is a lot of balloons. What a fun event to see. I'd have to say that would be way too much coke for me as well. Love catching up here.

  5. I missed getting to see the balloons! Darn! I never see the Statesman in time to catch what is happening in 'the city' so we rarely get down there....so beautiful! We did read, however, that there will be dog trials in the park which should be very interesting!

    Smart lady! So glad you were able to make it!

    Do you miss the cornbread fritters and catfish? YUM!

  6. hi Kar, thanks for sharing your beautiful work. It has been so hot that I havent been kniting much, but with the change in weather my fingers are itching for more time with my needles. Your piggy is so cute and that tail.. To CUTE! Have a wonderful

  7. What awesome pics!
    I saw the Balloon Fest on the TV and told hubby that I wanted to go someday!
    Thank you for sharing the pictures!
    Your piggy is so adorable!!!
    The sweaters are darling as well:)

  8. The balloons are gorgeous, I am afraid of heights so I could never go up in one,I would have heart failure for sure. Love Percy Pig, beautiful work. I hope you got some good sleep.