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10 September 2010


I must warn you ahead of time that this may be a shameless, cute puppy post.

My son Brendon, a few months ago, thought it would be a fabulous idea to get a puppy when he moved out on his own.  What he didn't count on was that he picked the reincarnated "Marley" out of the litter.
Don't be fooled by those cute little puppy eyes.
Riley is dogzilla through and through.

She eats rocks.
She spaz's out at the snap of a finger.
She fights with her leash.
She barks at her tail.

Then she will be calm, cute and quiet.
And you just can't help but be pulled in by her 'cute puppy' power.
For a little while.
Then she will jump up again, running around at break neck speed chasing Lord knows what.
She follows me around the patio and barks and growls at the broom when I'm sweeping and tiding things up.  Apparently she does not like my butterfly bushes that I have out back because she likes to 'trim' them for me when she comes for a visit.
Who knows.
Sometimes I think she has a goal to dig down to China the way she digs in certain spots of the yard.
Either that or she really likes earthworms.
I'm just waiting for the day when Brendon tells me she ate the receiver on the phone.
I'm glad she doesn't live here.  :)


  1. Awwww!
    Puppies will be Puppies!!
    She just needs a job to do,doggies like jobs:)

  2. Oh, but she is soooooo cute. Riley looks like she's going to be a big dog...What kind is she?

  3. She's a black lab. Yeah, she's cute but man can she keep you hopping by just trying to save things around here. We've already lost several play balls, a couple of yard shoes, rocks. And she already has a job, keeping us running when she comes over for a visit. She gets into everything. It's worse than the kids when they were little.

  4. Oh my goodness! She reminds me of my friend's lab. That dog used to digest whole pieces of clothing (like socks) get into everything imaginable. Good luck to your son!!

  5. hi kar
    what a sweet puppy you have. it makes fun to live with a dog.our dog is a golden retriever
    and he eat allways paperpocket..that makes me crazy.
    i wish you and your family many fun with your dog....
    a many bear hugs from regina