"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

02 September 2010

Slowing down a bit...

The last few days were a bit hectic for me.
Letting little things bother me.
Being way too particular with the silliest of things.
So I had to stop and remind myself that some of this 'silliness' just doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things and I must slow down and stop putting so many expectations on myself.

So the girls and I (especially me) decided we were really going to slow down and start looking at what makes us smile during the day.

Yesterday it was all about preparing our homegrown veggies so that we could freeze them for later use.
Good ole' sauteed veggies.
Zucchini Bread.
Even some good ole' spaghetti squash was put away to enjoy later.
Then another batch of baking goodies because the other batch from the weekend is totally gone.
Although messing with all those mini paper cups were not making me very cheery when trying to pull them apart (they were not cooperating very well), I was remind later from all the smiles that it was all worth it.  And it reminded me that I could have a little treat without cramming half a dozen big size muffins in my face, and still be happy.  Wonderful!
Then this morning as I was going to try to wake a little one up and get her moving, I noticed how peaceful she was just lying in her warm and comfy bed.  All snuggled up with Moosey.
Half asleep, rubbing his little antler.
She's always done that since she was a baby when she is tired.
Then I noticed how she always needs some of her other little friends nearby when she goes to sleep just so they don't get scared at night. ;)
How could you not love that little face with the hair all a mess around it and all those warm little peckles (freckles) staring right back at you.  Makes me melt.
As I was leaving, she must have heard me and asked if she could show me what she sees every morning when she wakes up.  How could I refuse.
Pretty colored paper birds that she and big sis have made to make their room just right and very cheery.

I really love seeing things through their eyes.
Kind of puts things in place you know.
There is more of that to show one day also.

Then as I was down in the kitchen getting things put back in their proper spots, I noticed something about my Polka Dot plants.
Who knew!  Obviously I didn't because I hadn't been paying attention to them lately.
Now they are almost gone it looks like.
At least I know they are there and can keep my eye out for them next time.

Now to get a few more chores finished so that the nitty gritty of the day can be accomplished with the girls and then on to more creating with this guy.
So loving how he is turning out!  He's just too much!
There is still another little critter waiting so very patiently for me to get started on.

I've just got to start taking things slower, bit by bit, so that I don't miss all the wonderful small things around me.  What a shame not to have that in my day.


  1. Hi, I've been thinking the very same thing about taking time to enjoy the little moments as have a lot of other people on blogs I follow.
    Your little cakes look lovely, those little papers are fiddly. I like your comment about enjoying just one little cake too. I made choc chip cookies recently. They were flat and crisp, just how I like them and I too discovered that eating just one was perfect.
    Looking forward to seeing your little critters.
    Have a great day,

  2. Oh those veggies look so yummy! I bet those muffins were too. The little one and her little ones are so adorable. :-)