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04 September 2010

Early morning rise...

Up before the sun, the girls and I drag ourselves out of bed to go downtown by the river to see some pretty cool things way early in the morning.
Glenn had to miss out because of work.  Poor thing.
So off we went in the pitch black before dawn for an early morning adventure.

We arrive at Ann Morrison Park just as the sun was creeping over the foothills.

People were slowing finding their way down to the park.
Some were still in their pj's.  Don't ask.

There was the Boise Police bagpipe brigade playing tunes for all the early risers.
Some history being shared by the announcer of the event.
Didn't know before this morning that the area where Ann Morrison Park is now used to be the landing strip for Boise back in 1910 or so.  Who knew!  Not I.

Then the fly over by the A10's from the Idaho Air National Guard to start everything off.
Brenna loved that.

Then a few minutes later the order was given to...
inflate the balloons!
Beautiful, colorful balloons!
There was one we had not seen before.
The rocket ship was Brenna's favorite.
She thought it was so awesome to see all the burners going to heat the balloons up.
She now wants 10 of them so she can fly them around.

They slowing start standing up.
Firing the burners
for lift off!
One by one, the balloons started making their way into the chilly morning sky.
A couple of little ones said they were cold and kept leaning up on me to keep warm. 
They asked why I was so warm.
I said it was all my 'fluff' I had on me.
I got the stink eye.
They all started lifting up into the air, in a different direction than they thought they were going to go.
I'm telling you, meteorology is the job to have.
You can monkey up a forecast and still have a job. 
The Boise balloon, the Spirit of Boise.
The girls liked the trees with the faces on it.
It always reminds me for some reason of the Land of Oz theme park in NC from when I was a kid.
Kind of creepy.
Brenna noticed that the rocket ship had gone away from the other balloons and was heading towards the foothills.  It looked cool glowing in the sky from the sunlight.
Slowly buy surely they all made it into the air.
We watched until all 28 had made it into the sky.
Then it was back across the river to head home,
until our next part of the event later that evening!

I'm taking a nap.  :)


  1. After I read your comment on my blog, I started thinking about how long we have been blogging buddies. I think you were the first person to visit my blog and comment. That you have hung around this long commenting on my drivel is just an amazement to me. Thank you so much my dear blogging buddy. I (heart) you.

  2. What a beautiful day you shared with us! :o) Thanks for letting us tag along. :o) I remember walking to school in the morning, as a child, hearing the hiss of the hot air balloons over my head. That was so neat! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  3. Oh Karrrrfffeee, First, I LOVE your header!! Next I love this post and the hot air balloons!! How fun! You have the best adventures!! I wanna come hang with you!!

    I finally got my shop open and can breathe a little and visit!

    Hope your whole weekend was grand and that your week is full of fun!!

    Hugs n love,

  4. Wow, I got your comment on my blog today (always amazes me when someone reads it!) and followed the trail back to you. I was astounded to see this post because we were there too! We live in Coeur d'Alene but happened to be in Boise for a wedding so we made it down to the park. I'm planning to blog about it tomorrow and my pictures look almost exactly like yours. Too funny, maybe I don't even need to now. My boys' favorite was the rocket ship too. Just thought this was a funny example of how small the world really is. Thanks for coming by my blog, cheers!

  5. Oh how fun! I love hot air balloons! I was fortunate enough to be able to ride in one for two hours over the Serengeti plains in Africa! It was thrilling!!