"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

25 September 2014


     It seems as if Fall is finally ready to be present in our area.  Today is so nice and comfortable compared to the last few days. I quietly protested about being finished with Summer by finally refusing to water any of the flower pots any longer last week.  The poor flowers are dry and crispy, looking pretty shameful.  Luckily they were sitting behind the fence where no one could see them.  The garden area has been cleared of any plants that just aren't producing any more.  And all the Summer flowers have been removed from the flower beds to provide room for all the Mum bushes through out the yard.  Even when the last few days got warm enough to turn the A/C on, I refused.  Except for a couple of hours before bed last night.  I will put my foot down and not turn it on for the rest of the year.  So not doing it till next year.  I mean it.

     I am making more time for creating things again.  Whether it be quilting, knitting, crochet or even cooking, I am enjoying all the creating here lately.  I may have put a bit more on my plate again but I'm okay with it.  I'm not panicking about it.  Two quilt tops have been finished for Christmas gifts.  I started on a sweater for my sweetie.  He checks everyday to see how far I have gotten with it.  It's funny to see the smile on his face each time and the nod of approval.  A poor neglected afghan was pulled out of hibernation so it can be worked on during the early, quiet morning hours.  Even the girls have gotten more in the mood for creating.  Someone bought herself a most adorable crochet book of animals and quickly went to making the most adorable horse for her little sister.  I couldn't help but give her hugs for that.  It was beyond sweet.

     Now I'm patiently waiting for the forecasted rain and temps into the upper 60's throughout the whole weekend.  There are plans for baking, soup making and working on projects in progress.  All while sitting back enjoying the cool breezes, listening to the rain, drinking hot tea and putting on an extra blanket on the bed at night.  It all sounds absolutely wonderful to me.  Now I'm just chomping at the bit just waiting for it all to happen.




  1. This weekend has been wonderful hasn't it? I've loved the lower temps and the rainy, cloudy weather.

  2. I am so ready for fall. We had a couple days here in between the scorching heat that were down right awesome. I managed to squeeze in soups, fresh baked breads, power cleaning and even threw a throw... on my lap while watching tv in the evenings. Today were are back temps for the next 5 days expected to be in the low 100's ugh.

    Your project pics are wonderful, makes me want to sit and craft too :)

  3. What lovely items you have begun! I was sitting here smiling while reading this post. I can just imagine the hugs, the comfort foods, the creative projects that are going to be happening in the days, weeks, and months to come. Such a wonderful way to spend this season. :-)