"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

21 May 2014

Loving Spring time...

     Spring time has been fabulous around here this year.  It's just easing along, letting us enjoy the breezes, the sunshine and the mild temps before Mother Nature throws the hot days of Summer at us.  Windows being opened for days on end, even at night.  Clothes making their way back outside to dry out in the sun and breezes.  It's just down right wonderful.  Last year it seemed like it skipped right passed us, not wanting to stop and visit for a while.  Just cruising on by without caring what we thought.

     There has been a lot of digging around in the back flower beds.  Rearranging the plants that came back.  Planting seeds for new ones.  All of us crossing our fingers in hopes all the seeds sprout so things can look like we imagine.  And every once in a while we stop to see all the little bugs and bees that seem to be visiting this year.  Taking in their sounds and just watching their work when we should be doing some of our own.  We even have a couple of feathered friends who have taken a liking to our Lilac bush and have made a nest in it.  Their visits to the feeder throughout the day put a smile on our faces.  Such pretty color those Goldfinches are.  There are even Hummingbirds that have made a nest for us to see this year.  So sweet.

   The nice weather has also allowed us to get back to some painting that needs to be finished from last Fall.  I'm so glad I didn't start with the patio area first.  I would have quit soon after and the house would have never been finished.  I'm just thankful for lovely helpers who don't complain about helping out.  Love them to pieces.  Even the side garage door get a spiffy new color.  Although the neighbors don't seem to care for it much (lovely notes left on the fence for us to find this morning).  When they start paying the mortgage they can have a say.

   The garden is giving off loads of leafy greens for us to enjoy.  How I love a good salad every day.  And with it coming from our little bitty garden patch makes it even more enjoyable.  Our first harvest of rhubarb has given us plenty to go around for jams.  I found a recipe that just sounded beyond awesome and had to give it a try.  So worth the effort.  11 jars of strawberry rhubarb and 11 jars of pie cherry rhubarb to please us all here.  This recipe is a keeper for sure.  The girls loved helping throughout the whole process and can't wait to make more flavors here soon.  I can't wait either.  I have figured out though that I am a "canning" hoarder when it comes to certain things and it just kills me to see the last jar of something special (pie cherries) being used up.   I'm loving the strawberry rhubarb with my favorite Greek yogurt.  So much better than a store bought brand, that is a tiny bit pricey for one serving.  But I do thank them for introducing this combination to me.  It was truly one of those "why didn't I think of this" moments.

   Even the evenings have been pleasant and enjoyable while relaxing after a days work.  Enjoyable knitting on the deck, all the while debating on how to finish off this "private" area off of my bedroom.  Then there has been relaxing work being accomplished on the quilt.  It is becoming a favorite for sure.

   I'm just hoping that Spring hangs around as long as possible.  It has truly become a favorite so far this year and I'm not one to be rushing it off any time soon.


  1. Sounds like you and your family are enjoying a wonderful spring. My grandmother used to make rhubarb sauce and we would just gobble it down; so good! Enjoy the weather and your projects. Heather (btw, the door looks great!)

  2. Sounds like Spring has been good to you so far. I'm enjoying the journey in every picture, especially the green door. :-) The more you talk of rhubarb makes me want to try it. Maybe I can find some around here or at a local farmer's market. I'm hoping to be able to enjoy some salads later too. I started the lettuce and spinach over. *fingers crossed* Looking forward to seeing more Springtime goodness from your neck of the woods. xoxo