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25 May 2014

A long overdue quilt...

     I finally finished the "Super Nova" quilt this past week and it was quickly sent of to my brother and sister-in-law.  After I had started on the quilt for my sister and brother-in-law, I remembered that I had never made one for my brother and his wife when they got married.  I was quick to remind everyone that I had not even begun to make quilts at that time and I should be given a little bit of slack for that.  

     I love everything about this quilt.  The fabric, the design, the colors, the quilting.  It was hard to send this one off.  Glenn and the girls asked many time over if it couldn't stay here and I could always make up another to give away.  I must admit I had the same feelings.  

     The quilting took the longest of the entire project.  A lot of finagling on the machine, turning corners, etc.  But so well worth it in the end.  The quilting makes the back look so wonderful with all the shapes going on on the back.  And of course I can't just let the back be plain with just one choice of fabric.  Nope.  So I make a 16 patch block with a border and threw that on there for a teensy bit of flair.  Apparently that block now has special powers; Glenn told my brother last night that if ever his wife gets miffed at him for any reason at all,  all he has to do is throw the quilt on the floor with the back side up and stand in the block and it's the safe zone.  My brother told Glenn to try that out and see how that goes and then let him know what happens.  That was good for a really big laugh.

     I know this quilt will get a lot of use being my brother loves to take naps on the sofa.  Just what it was meant for.




  1. Oh, Kar! I think this may be my favorite quilt yet. In fact I know it is. I can imagine how difficult it is in seeing this one go, but I know you're beaming with joy knowing how much this quilt will be loved and used in its new home. You have the gift of magic with these quilts. :-)

  2. Simply awesome, Karffeeee!! I love the color combo, and the way the design isn't all uniform!! So very pretty! And the super powers??? Now that sounds like something my hubby would have come up with! LOL!! Great minds, huh?

    Hugs to you!
    Have a lovely Memorial Day!

  3. OMGosh Kar.... !!! This is beyond amazing. My favorite. The pattern is perfect and the quilting is crazy. Wow that had to be a lot of work but knowing you I know every stitch was done with precision and love. Seriously beyond beautiful. What a loving gift I know they will treasure for many years.

  4. Oh wow Kar, that is absolutely gorgeous! I need to get on the ball and start sewing, I'm having too much fun outside tho :)))

  5. this quilt is soooo awesome! i love it!!!!!

  6. I am always amazed at your work, and this quilt is just gorgeous. :)

  7. Oh, can I be your sister?!!! This quilt is beautiful. I really love the colors and the design.