"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

02 June 2014

Too many favorites...

     Can a person have too many favorite quilts?  I'm starting to wonder.  I quickly finished my aqua/orange quilt on Saturday while watching a movie on the computer and listening to the girls rummage around in the craft room for perfect "stuff" for their creations.

     It's hard to say what is my favorite part with this quilt.  The colors are awesome, the front is made of half-square triangles and the back has the left over HST's thrown about randomly on it and stitched straight to the backing.  I didn't even bother with cutting the backing out from behind the squares because it wasn't that bulky. The binding was just right.  And let's not forget the blue wavy quilting.  So hard to choose.

     There were three people who immediately started bartering for time with the quilt as soon as it came out of the dryer.  They were not happy that pictures were to be taken first.  Afterwards, I just handed the quilt off and moved out of the way so three people could work out their snippets of time as they saw fit.

     I may have even slept with the quilt on the bed that very night, even though it was not needed.  After I got up in the morning I heard footsteps going into my room and came in to find a weasel getting more time in with the quilt.




  1. I laughed at the little weasel. lol This is a beautiful quilt. The colors are gorgeous and reminds me of the beach. I don't know how you do it Kar, but you make the loveliest quilts. I used to not like quilts, but I think I didn't realize all of the color combinations and designs out there. Everything I saw was much of the same, but everyone you make makes me smile and realize how beautiful the world of quilting really is. :-)

  2. A much loved quilt :) It's so pretty and I love the backing.