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29 April 2014

Spring time quilt...

A Spring time quilt patiently waiting for me to finish.

I finally decided how I wanted to quilt it.

Picked out the perfect binding.

It finally got its own photo shoot.

It turned out perfect.

(The wonky blocks were made by using Elizabeth's tutorial.  The rest of the quilt was made up as I went.)



** My sister and brother-in-law received the quilt on Friday and they love it.  I think my BIL is trying to scam another quilt out of me.  He said he wasn't sure if he liked this one much and maybe if I made another and sent it to him he could decide which one he liked best.  A scam operation if I ever heard one.  :)  I'm glad they both loved this one.


  1. OH my GOODNESS! I love this quilt! It's so cheery. And you picked the perfect quilting stitches and backing. I think wrapping up in that quilt or even just looking at it at the foot of my bed would make me smile. Ok, I know it's not mine, but I imagine that's how the recipient will feel. Great work, Kar!

  2. Lovely! I like your quilts very much. All of them are so pretty and unique. This one is perfect for spring. :-)

  3. Perfect indeed! The colors are so vibrant and will carry you right into fall. Love the way your pictures turned out. Lovely staging with the bench!

  4. That turned out beautiful!!! I love how you quilted it.