"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

23 April 2014

Spring time bouquet...

One of my favorite flowers ever.  
I'm so glad I have them in my yard.
Too bad they are only a Spring time flower.




  1. Your lilacs are blooming there! Oh my goodness! So jealous.
    We are a month or more away from ours blooming here.
    I cant wait to smell the lilac-y goodness.
    One of the places where Manly custom farms, there is a old homestead on the property.
    The house is gone but the yard and trees are still there, and Manly will bring home arm loads of lilacs from there for me.
    They have to be 100 year old lilacs, the smell is just divine!

  2. Your spring bouquet is gorgeous. It's a joy to bring flowers from your own garden inside.
    Anne xx

  3. So beautiful, I just love having lilacs in the house. I can't wait till mine are in bloom.

  4. What a gorgeous bouquet. I bet it smells so delightful. :-)

  5. Such a pretty bouquet and your quilt hanging in the background is gorgeous. Hope you have a terrific day. Heather