"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

06 April 2014

A complete set...

All last week I had been wanting to work on this little project that I've had in mind since the beginning of creating my king size plus quilt.  I was determined to make pillow shams that matched my quilt.  Mismatched items just weren't cutting it any more.  It was driving me crazy.  And the quilt has been finished since right before Thanksgiving.  Enough of the waiting, the procrastinating, the interruptions.  So with one pillow sham already finished during the week (only took three days to do that)  I put my foot down, closed my craft room door and got to work Saturday morning.  It didn't take long before all was finished and the matching set came together.

While I still on a high that I actually accomplished this goal like I had planned, I took everyone out for drive-in burgers and milkshakes just for being so nice and not interrupting me during this marathon sewing event, no matter how small it was.  I might have to make this a routine thing so that I can get projects finished.  I won't complain.  It was a really good milkshake!




  1. Your shams and quilt are very pretty. I really like the mix of colors you used. Very bright and cheerful. Hope you have a great day! I'm still working my way through boxes. :-)

  2. Kar this is gorgeous!! All your needle work is awesome and beautiful but I think this may be my new favorite....at least until you bust something else out haha. Burger and a shake sound pretty good too :)

  3. Oh Kar, the shams and quilt are absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Loads of crafty time and to finish it all off with a milk shake? I am IN!
    Love the pillow shams! They are so pretty!

  5. These shams were definitely worth being shut up in a room for! And for everybody else, the milkshakes were probably worth the wait. They look fabulous, Kar!

  6. Good for you! That's sometimes one of the hardest things to do... and I mean finish a project. I'll get halfway there and then get interrupted. Then, I lose interest but still want the project completed. I congratulate you on getting yourself motivated to do it!! And, it's a gorgeous quilt/sham set... I love it!