"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

21 April 2014

A very good week...

This past week had to have been the best in a while.  In my book anyways.

A very spur of the moment project was started and completed in one day while others decided to go watch birds and I decided to stay home and work.  It was tough decision but well worth it.  A person can be very productive when there is are no interruptions.

The craft closet was finally cleaned out.  Long over due.  While there still might be some things to get rid of at least things aren't falling out any longer when the doors are opened.  Some lovely surprises were found that really have been calling to me the past few days.  I'm seeing some cross-stitching coming up in the near future.

Another quilt top was started.  Still in the planning stages at this point.

Someone had a birthday.  She was treated to a favorite dinner and a cake made by her big sis.  Ponies and sprinkles were the birthday girl request and she got it.  There are no more single digit kids in our house and I'm kind of sad about it.

Some very lovely evenings were had out on the front porch area.  Enjoying the pleasant temps, working on mindless knitting and stopping to see all the pretty colored flowers in front of me.

Several days you would have found us at the park just enjoying the sun filled day.  Just because.

The balloons surprised us on the start of Easter weekend.  Love this to pieces!  My favorite way to start the day and the Spring season.

A favorite breakfast had to be made to start the day out right after our balloon sightings.  A yummy sandwich and ice tea.  Perfect!

Everyone in the kitchen preparing yummy treats being prepared for Easter.  Fresh strawberries and rhubarb.  Awesome!

All coming together for Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake on homemade Pound Cake.  Perfect for after a long walk after Easter lunch.

Looking forward to more of the same.




  1. It would say you've had an exceptional week with all those lovely things happening, precious moments doing wonderful things. When Richard was taking me to the airport early Easter Sunday morning, we saw 6 hot air balloons over the city as we were driving through the suburbs. Of the many times I've been up early to catch a flight out to Western Australia, we've seen balloons in flight and I always look for them. They are lovely but it's not something I would want to do. Enjoy the lovely weather you are enjoying.
    Anne xx

  2. All I can say is that you definitely had an amazing week! I love it all!

    p.s. Happy Birthday wishes to a certain special someone. :-)

  3. It looks like it was a productive and great week, delicious too. Love how can just bust out a quilt lol..Happy Birthday to your girl and enjoy your week.

  4. A very good looking few days. The craft. The food. The nature. All very good stuff indeed!