"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

03 November 2014

Settling into Fall...

     The past week now seems like a blur.  So much going on, so much to do.  But at least it was all good stuff.  Old crappity crap windows being taken out and new ones put in.  The girls are beyond delighted.  They will sit for hours at their desks looking out their windows, admiring how crisp and clear the view is while not having to deal with cold drafts coming in to bother them.  It is truly a wonderful yet simple thing that makes all of our days.  And being able to open and close a window with one finger is just the bees knees apparently.  I understand totally because I did the same thing last Fall after my bedroom window was replaced.  Simple things I tell ya, simple things.

     There was a frantic call from our son very early one morning as he was going off about how the grandsons have lost their minds.  Apparently dear son did not see the humor in one little man flinging around a baby powder bottle and emptying it out all over his bedroom while baby brother was in his crib cheering him on.  Those of us in this house thought it was absolutely hilarious and just about pee'd our pants laughing so hard.  He didn't see the humor in that either.  Then to top it all off, when all the powder was cleaned up the boys came back in their room, they flopped on the floor, smelled the carpet and exclaimed "Tanks Dada!  Nice!", then rolled on their backs and seemed to enjoy what their handiwork had accomplished.  Paybacks.  How wonderful they are.  I so love grand babies.

     Fall is in full swing here now.  Halloween was over in a flash.  The girls had everything planned out early just so they wouldn't be running around crazy at the last minute.  Pumpkins were even carved with out parental help this year, which was fabulous in the parents whole scheme of things.  And I for one have had my fill of chocolate, at least for a few days.  Saturday had to be the best day yet.  Sunny, then gray off and on through out the day and then rain all night long till Sunday morning.  Then having the time move back was the icing on the cake.  I went to bed early, falling asleep with the sound of rain and didn't get up until the morning light started peeking through the window.  Beyond fabulous.

     Sunday ended up being a pretty terrific day in itself.  Getting up early of course.  Eating cinnamon rolls.  Working on some crochet projects for a bit.  Staying in cozy flannel pj's all day long.  And finally gathering up all my library books I checked out last week and cozied up with them on the bed with a toasty quilt while watching the clouds and sunlight out my window.  Perfect.  There may have even been a quick nap taken while reading was suppose to be happening.  I'm not sure how the day could have been any better.

     I'm just glad it is now light out in the morning soon after I get up.  The day starts out so much better when the sun peeks over the trees and all the clouds are colored pretty pinks and oranges.  It adds so much more pep to your step than dark, gloomy skies for hours.  I'll take the pinks and oranges any day over black and blah.

     Now back to my regularly scheduled program and a whole new set of crazy daily adventures.  Never a dull moment around here.




  1. What a lovely view! Congrats on the new windows.

  2. Love your photos. I remember having tea at your table with the pretty crocheted table topper :)
    I totally laughed at that baby powder incident, don't you just love it!! I too just love my grands!

  3. Too funny about your grandsons! I bet it did leave a nice scent. Glad you are enjoying all the things this time of year has to offer. So excited to just slow down for a bit. We seemed to always be on the go this summer. Take care, my friend.