"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

14 October 2014

Taking it all in...

     The movement into Fall is surely happening around here now.  Cooler days and nights, spits of rain here and there, Fall color showing itself all throughout the yard and neighborhood.  Simple little things that just make each passing day more pleasant.  Summer flowers that were giving up are giving their one last show of color after a rain shower.  The last remaining treats from the garden are being looked upon as real treasures, just hoping they all ripen before the first frost.  Even the bugs are trying to get in their last few days before they disappear till next year, making evening light look all sparkly and magical somehow.  There have been get togethers with friends to make edible treats.  The first few days afterwards the creations were treated with TLC.  One is all but a memory while another is still being looked upon as a masterpiece.  The house is filled with a few decorations here and there.  Trying the minimalist thing this year while still having a few favorites sitting about.  The smells of our favorite sugared pecan candles fill the air inside.  I just can't get enough of that smell.  Crisps of all sorts have been baked.  Pear and apple.  They both taste so similar that we can't decide on a favorite.  Soups make for yummy dinners, although one person said he has had his fill this past week.  Maybe a few casserole are in order just so protests don't start around here.  Interesting books found at the library has sparked conversations with my Mom on the phone.  Just more of trying to get down recipes from the past and remembering from my visits to Germany as a child and her memories from growing up there.  Those conversations are beyond wonderful.  Flannel sheets have been placed on all the beds with everyones delight.  They make sleeping so much more wonderful with all the warmth and softness they have to share.  Then there is the stealing of bits of time here and there through out the day to work on projects which make this time of year all the more fabulous.  Taking it all in and enjoying it.  That is what it is all about.  Plain and simple.

     I'm so glad you are here Fall.  





  1. You know I love the photo of the balloon. You must be by a small airport also. Lately, the ones by us have been going up very early in the a.m. Sounds like you are enjoying the cooler temperatures and cooking. I'll look forward to hearing about any new recipes you try. My husband has German heritage. Take care, Heather

  2. And it's all looks and sounds so wonderful! And I bet your home smells delicious. To Fall! :-)

  3. It's lovely to hear you are embracing the season that is autumn. Your photos do look lovely.
    Anne xx

  4. I'm glad to hear autumn is around. Here too, the heat is fading and we got some rain. Time to spend more time indoors crafting and see the wonders of nature through the windows. :-)

  5. It sure looks good in your hood Kar! Love the glimpse. Did you finish the blanket already?! Love pear and apple anything too...

  6. Isn't Autumn just gorgeous? And I love your blanket, I have one similar halfway through :)

  7. Love the photos Kar. Haven't pulled the flannel sheets out yet but I suspect I will be doing so shortly. I've been enjoying fall so much that I haven't taken time out to blog :(