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08 December 2008

First snow, more knitting and ponies advent

The ponies received a package, Christmas cards and pictures today from their friends!  How nice!  The girls thought it was funny that all the items were teeny tiny.  It reminds me that I still have to write my cards out!  EEK!
Well, today we woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground.  Yippee!  To bad we didn't get more.  the mountains were suppose to have gotten 6" or more.  I hope that we get a good amount while Mom is here for Christmas.  It's been a while since she has had snow for Christmas.  When she was little, growing up in Germany, she of course had snow every year.  Oh the memories!  I love hearing about the simple times of when she grew up.  Too bad we live in a fast paced, gimme gimme world.  I'm really trying to teach the kids within the last few years that presents aren't everything.  I'm definitely asking Mom about the many things they did for Christmas and writing them down for us to remember and carry on.  I finally made an advent wreath to put on the table with four candles to start the tradition with our family just as Mom did when she was growing up.  Below is our beloved Idaho Christmas Moose and his pal Mr. Jiggles.  At night they stand in front of their pond of lights among the beautiful glow of Christmas lights.  I'll try to get a good picture of it and post it soon.  We are partial to moose around here, even though there are none in our valley.  Too far south.
Also, on Saturday, Dec 6th, Saint Nicks Night, I am happy to report that everyone got treats left for them and no one received switches or coal.  I'm thinking Saint Nick was a bit lenient.  Some little people's behavior was getting a bit "iffy" a few days before.  But I guess that is why I'm not Saint Nick.  I'm tough.  :)  Back to knitting!  Gifts to finish!  I've got to get busy, busy, busy!!  5 days till Oma gets here!  


  1. I really like your Christmas Moose!!

  2. I like that you do St. Nicks Night. We always did Mother Goose on New Year's Eve. The kids would leave their shoes by the door and Mother Goose would come by and leave some small little gift in them. The main purpose in doing this was 1) because we usually always "forgot" to add something to their stockings (you know, hide it away - even from yourself) and 2) the week after Christmas is usually such a let-down that it gave the kids something to look forward to. It was never very big. Even as teenagers it might only be a gift card to Wendy's or something. Wish those days were back again. (Although our 30-year-old son makes a special trip up here to still leave his shoe by the door. Fun!)