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20 December 2008

New knitted hats, pony advent & Spoon burgers!

So I finished the other hat last night I was working on.  It is the same as the one pictured on my entry on Dec. 5th but just black and gray.  Now I have two hats to make for two special little people I know.  These are the colors I will be using.  I LOVE the colors!  I could not resist when I saw them at the store.  The colors definitely have those two little ones written all over them.  I love the colors names also; Turqua, Cornmeal, Honeydew, and the not so exciting Light Fushia and Medium Purple.  At least the colors are fantastic!  Of course they will be two different styles, previously decided by asking if anyone had to choose a new hat which one would they like to have while looking at some different patterns.  Now just to find time to whip them out so no one sees them.  I see early bedtimes in the very near future for two girls. :)  Yesterday we made two apple strudel's and only one is left today!  Yummy!  I'm definitely going to have to do some major walking or something after the holidays!  Tonight we are having BBQ pulled pork sandwiches!  It was that or Gumbo.  I choose BBQ Pork because I have sandwich buns that have to eaten before they go bad.  I can't stand it when things don't get used up in time.  I may have to make some fried potatoes to go with being I have some mushrooms and potatoes that need to be used up.  Man, that is some good eatin'!  The pig snout is coming back out.  Of course I always have veggies because I always tell the kids they have to eat veggies so they won't get so sick they can't play or anything like that.  :)  I'm lucky though that all my kids have always loved veggies.

So yesterday the ponies received two picture frames with pictures of there wonderful friends.  So nice.  This morning they received two necklaces and a flower.  Not sure how the flower is to be used by the ponies.  At least there were 3 things today instead of two.  I had to straighten things up a bit with the ponies this morning.  I found their shoes in the punch bowl.  Late night party I guess.  Who knows what they do while we sleep.  I don't want to know.  It could be scary. :)

So the other day I mentioned we were having spoon burgers for dinner and Judy asked what they were.  Here is the recipe.  They are similar to Maid Rite burgers.

2 lbs hamburger
1 small onion, chopped fine
1 can beef broth
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
salt & pepper to taste

Brown the hamburger in a bit of oil in a pan big enough to hold the meat and liquid.  Break the meat up as it cooks.  Add the onion to cook with the meat until it is all soft.  Add the beef broth, WO sauce, salt & pepper to the meat and simmer until the liquid is gone, about 15 mins.  When done, put mustard on a bun (if you want), add a couple of pickles, pile the meat on and enjoy!  You have to eat them with crinkle fries.  The best!

Have a great day to all!


  1. I was going to email you and ask you to send me the recipe and wa-la! There it is on your blog. Thanks!

  2. hey girlie..sorry about Friday! i am in a daze.. Hope you had fun..those look good. i am going to make those. thanks.

    the ponies cracked me up!! you are funny :)

  3. Thanks for the recipe, they sound great and I'm printing the recipe right after I post this.