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12 December 2008

Finished wrist warmers and the Ponies stay warm!

I just finished the wrist warmers from the Cider Moon pattern.  Now I only have 4 more things to make on my list!  I feel like I'm pulling my hair out.  But what would Christmas be with out that happening?!  Boring!  Mom will be here tomorrow afternoon.  I just hope the weather is okay and the snow lets up before her flight gets here.  She definitely won't be in Texas.  She doesn't like it when the temps get around 45 or so.  We are suppose to have highs in to upper 20's next week.  I hope she packed warm stuff.  We are all excited!

So the ponies got a hat today to share.  Even ponies have to keep warm around the holidays.  It looks to be very fashionable.  They are getting quite the gathering of loot for two little hoofers.  Now I'm getting weird.  I have got to get to bed before this all gets too wacky.  I'm correcting a lot words right now so I will say good-bye till tomorrow!  Have fun!

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