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13 December 2008

Ponies get a pet!

Here are the wrist warmers I finished last night.  Em was my model.  My arms stretch only so far for me to take a picture of them while wearing them.  They are awesome!  I can't wait to sit down and make the pair for myself.  The Mirasol yarn is to die for!  Love it!  Em said that she would love to have her name added to a list for a pair.  Knew that was going to happen.  But I'm glad my family loves things made for them.  They love to show their things off.  Love them! :)  That's why I keep them around!

Oma will be here in 6 hours!  Yeah!!!  Now to decide where to go to eat after we pick her up.  Everyone is leaning toward Golden Corral.  I'm not arguing.  Anytime I can get as much Fried Okra as I can and not be kicked out of a place, I'm there.  Love that buffet they have!  I always eat too much, but at least I know I would die happy, very HAPPY!!!!

The ponies received a pet today.  To me it looks like a little white bird.  The girls are calling it a duck.  I'm sticking with a small bird.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  I do think that the girls will be giving Oma the honors of opening up tomorrow's door.  And the girls said to tell Aunt Kimmy THANK YOU!!  They are loving this.  I just have a great time making them find everything every morning to take a picture of the ponies and their loot.  The girls have a habit of playing with things and forgetting where they laid everything.  I give them a half hour warning so they can find things.  I know I'm too kind, especially when I say that if they don't find everything I won't take any more pictures!  hehehe!!  The joys of motherhood, even if it's simple things. :)

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  1. They turned out great....I love them. I would pick Golden Corral too, have a great dinner.