"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

22 December 2008

Knitting marathon, new snow pic & the ponies advent...

So I'm knitting as fast as I can to get the last two projects done.  I can't wait to work on them while the girls are in bed so I am doing it while they are awake and running around.  They ask who I'm knitting for and I tell them I'm not sure yet.  You should see the looks I've been getting.  They think I have lost it all now.  They know I knit for a particular person or reason.  Do any of you remember the show "Sanford and Son"?  I remember Red Fox doing skits sometimes saying he had arthritis and bending his fingers all up in a ball.  That is what I feel like!  Man, do I need to get projects done sooner next time.  This is for the BIRDS!!  :)  But I do love making things for my sweeties.
Above is a wonderful picture Glenn took for me Sunday while out getting more shots for his project(s).  I love any of the pictures he takes of the river near our house here in town.  Beautiful!

This what I have done so far on the long tail hat that I've been working on.  I love the colors.  Both girls have been drooling over it this evening.  I'm just wanting to get it done so I can get to the other one, which should not take as long.  Cross you fingers.  One can never tell around this house.  Things happen when you don't want them to.  I really should get up extra early tomorrow just to get these done.  But who knows.  My lazy self has a tendency lately of wanting to show up and tell me it's okay to lay back down after Glenn goes to work and stay warm in the cozy bed.  

This morning when I got up with Glenn I noticed there was this beautiful golden glow in the sky from the lights in our town reflecting down on the snow.  It was so pretty.  I stood there looking out the window just staring out for the longest time.  Kind of magical looking.

The ponies got some "Santa" shoes from the calendar today.  Pinky Pie only wanted to try two of them on.  You can clearly see that they are getting to be kind of slobbish.  I may have to have a talk with them about that.  I mean that if I get on to the kids about keeping things neat around here, the ponies can't get special treatment you know.  I am a equal opportunity "meanie" you know.  What is good for one is good for all.  And the sheep friend is still hanging around.  I still don't know what "his" story is.  Brenna says he is kind of neat.  Who can argue with a 4 year old.  Only a few days left of the calendar!  Stay tuned to see what is left!  The suspense is just to overwhelming for me.  I hope I can last!  

Back tomorrow with more action packed drama!  Just don't hurt yourself getting here.  And please no shoving in line.  Keep things civil.   hehehe!!!  :)


  1. Oh, that hat is absolutely the BOMB! I love it and you are right. The colors are awesome. Can't wait to see a picture of it finished.

  2. I can understand why the girls are drooling over the hat - TOO cool!

    Glad the Mysterious Sheep got to stay around and hang with the Ponies, too!