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04 December 2008

Knitting? No, crafting with the girls!

So here is what the girls got in the advent calendar today.  Light stickers for the tree.  They both said that the lights should have come before the ornaments because that is how you decorate a real tree.  Obviously the "people" in charge of the ponies don't know that.  So some of the ornaments had to be taken off and moved for the lights.  I had to explain that the chocolate calendars will still have to wait until after dinner and that did not go over to well with Brenna.  I got the eye and a head shake.  I told her we were only doing the pony calendar early so that I could post what they got early in the evening and not late.  It really made no difference to her.  I still got a head shake.  What will the ponies get tomorrow?
So after lessons today, we crafted all afternoon.  They made melty bead ornaments and paper snowflakes.  My fingers are cramped!  Oh well, all in the name of Christmas and winter spirit!  It was fun to see them have so much fun.  Maybe tonight I can work on the hat because I have got to get going on the other gift.  TaTa for now.

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